Riki Apa

The King’s College Careers Centre is located on the top floor of the Centennial Centre, in a purpose-designed careers space, fully equipped with computers, work tables, discussion spaces and easy access to a wide range of career assessments and resources.

We offer a comprehensive careers development and guidance service, a careers education programme and a wide range of career and study information, both hard copy and easily accessed online, in SchoolBox.

Our aim is to support and encourage all students, so they can successfully transition through the College, make well-informed career and tertiary study plans and progress to build and manage successful, fulfilling careers.

“A good start for young people – early choices that match our talents and interests – lead to motivation, achievement and satisfaction. Young people who choose well are likely to be five years ahead in their learning and career progress by the age of thirty because they have been in environments where they have been motivated to learn, perform and work to potential. They have built their competence and confidence. That’s five years ahead on productivity, income and all the satisfaction of getting somewhere you want to go.”

Dr Heather Carpenter