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Welcome to King’s College.

Students who graduate from King’s College have the greatest potential to be successful in life. They look back on their time at King’s with great fondness and treasure the opportunities the College has given them.

King’s College is renowned for providing outstanding educational opportunities for young men and women.

With a long history of strong academic performance, we understand what it takes to provide students with the necessary knowledge and skill to be able to succeed. We are focused on preparing our students for the challenges and opportunities of a changing world. Our vision and values outline our commitment to each student’s personal growth.

King’s College has an explicit teaching and learning philosophy. We are a learning community that embraces innovation, creativity and the best learning and thinking strategies. We seek to provide the best all-round education it is possible to achieve, developing the mind, body and spirit of every student in our care. The College is an intellectually and academically rich educational environment, promoting excellence in sport, art and culture.

The House system is fundamental to the pastoral support at King’s. Each House provides a sense of belonging and inclusion whether for Boarders or Day students. We strongly believe that the wellbeing of every student is of the greatest importance. Fundamental to the pastoral support is the Chapel, the physical and emotional heart of the College. This value-rich culture allows students to develop essential life skills and experience, a prerequisite to future success.

As you and your family begin your consideration of King’s College as your future secondary school, we invite you to visit the College to experience, first-hand, our unique learning community.

Virtus Pollet.

Simon Lamb