020100 Life At Kings Welcome From Our Students Hero Image
  • Message from our Head Boy, James Hancock

    "2019! It is a great privilege of mine to welcome all members of the King’s community into another exciting year at the College.

    King’s is a hive of excellence; whether it be in the teaching staff, cultural leaders, sports coaches or reverends there is no group that does not drive the students to succeed on a daily basis. But it is the students that set King’s apart; we have a deep history of aiming to give each and every one the best all-round education, and this would not be possible without the passionate, determined individuals that make up the school’s ever-growing roll.

    So what are you waiting for! The year will be over before you know it, so be sure to make the most of your time here. The King’s network of friends, classmates and staff is unmatched; take advantage of it while you still can. I have enjoyed every moment spent at the College so far, and I hope that you do too this year.

    Ex nihil o nihil fit: If you don’t try, nothing will come of it!

    Virtus Pollet."

  • Message from our Head Girl, Evie Clatworthy

    “Welcome to King’s! It is so exciting to be going into 2019 with you. Whether you are new or returning, I’m sure you have already been swept up by the hustle and bustle of the College.

    King’s is a school like no other. From the get go, a sense of pride for the King’s community will be instilled in you. While we hold high standards in the fields academics, sport and culture, we are also big on family; so enthusiasm and getting behind your peers is just as important for a King’s student.

    Everyday at King’s, a vast array of opportunities are right at your fingertips. This year is the time to take that extra step and immerse yourself in the crazy world that is ‘King’s'. You will be challenged, extended, and stimulated, and this is what will make your experience here so special. Your tenure at King’s will fly by, so go hard and make the most of it.

    I look forward to facing the triumphs and trials of 2019 alongside you.

    Virtus Pollet"



  • Message from International Student, Christian Dimitrov from Austria

    "Being an International Student at King’s is something special. International students are an integral part of the King’s Community.

    King’s provides us with so many opportunities in the academic, sporting, cultural and spiritual spheres. There is something for everyone, no matter what your interests are or where you come from.

    The supportive environment for international students at King’s is incredible. Even if you are far away from home, you will feel that King’s College is your new home.

    If you want to experience and take full advantage of an exceptional educational journey, which you will treasure your whole life, King’s College is the right place to be."

  • Message from Year 9 Boarder, Felix Moran

    "I have definitely seen an amazing climb in my confidence and also my academic performance while at King's College. I think anyone that is going to come here will have a wonderful and amazing time both inside the classroom and outside it. I was previously studying at a Hong Kong international school and captained the school rugby team - I hope to grow my skills on the field at King's.”




  • Message from Year 11 girl, Sasha Sychova

    "2017 has been an amazing introduction to King’s College. While I thought I'd have difficulty making friends, I found I easily fit in at the College. King’s has given me the opportunity to take French at a level that challenges and excites me. Being pushed academically and offered a challenge makes my classes far more interesting."