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  • Message from our Head Boy, Nick Tapper

    220923 Nicktapper

    "I would like to welcome all members of the King’s College community to another year at the College! It is a great privilege to lead and represent the school as Head Boy for 2022.

    We are very lucky to attend a school with such unique traditions and so many opportunities. One of the things I have observed over my time at King’s is just how special the student experience can be. The range of school events and diversity in extracurricular activities allows us to truly experience a well-rounded education. King’s caters to so many of our students’  differing interests, ranging from the arts and culture to academia and sport. All of this cannot be done without the support of our amazing facilities and dedicated staff. 

    My advice to any new students embarking on the King’s journey is to remain open minded to all of the different opportunities we have on offer. Don’t be afraid to try new things and whatever you decide to do ensure that you give it your best effort. Your time at King’s will come to an end much sooner than you think so it’s important to give everything your best shot.

    King’s has challenged me in the best way possible and pushed me to strive for success in whatever form that may be in. The Greenbank house motto “Semper ad optima” represents this message perfectly, translating to “always strive for the best”. 

    Despite the unpredictability of these times, I know the Year 13’s, student leadership team and staff will ensure that 2022 is a great year!

    Virtus Pollet."

  • Message from our Head Girl, Ella Nesdale

    220923 Ellanesdale

    "It is a great privilege to welcome all members of the King's College Community as Head Girl for 2022. I am extremely grateful and excited to embark on yet another amazing year with you all!

    The King's experience is something like no other. My journey at King's began as a Year 11 Girl in 2020. I was introduced to an amazing school culture and environment that I had never experienced before. We are lucky enough to be mentored and inspired by such high-quality teachers and supported by such incredible peers. 

    King’s College is unique in that it has so many different opportunities available to us across all fronts, however, it is your responsibility to make the most out of these. My advice as a senior student would be to have the courage and determination to chase these opportunities and to make the most out of every chance you get.

    A school motto that I will always live by is the Taylor house motto. “Potens Pollensque” - Capable and Strong. During my time at King’s, I have learnt that if I can believe I am these two qualities then success and accomplishment will come. I have also learnt the importance of taking the time to appreciate what is around you as well as the people you are surrounded by. 

    I wish you all the best for the year ahead! 

    Virtus Pollet."


  • Message from International Student, Christian Dimitrov from Austria

    "Being an International Student at King’s is something special. International students are an integral part of the King’s Community.

    King’s provides us with so many opportunities in the academic, sporting, cultural and spiritual spheres. There is something for everyone, no matter what your interests are or where you come from.

    The supportive environment for international students at King’s is incredible. Even if you are far away from home, you will feel that King’s College is your new home.

    If you want to experience and take full advantage of an exceptional educational journey, which you will treasure your whole life, King’s College is the right place to be."

  • Message from Year 9 Boarder, Felix Moran

    "I have definitely seen an amazing climb in my confidence and also my academic performance while at King's College. I think anyone that is going to come here will have a wonderful and amazing time both inside the classroom and outside it. I was previously studying at a Hong Kong international school and captained the school rugby team - I hope to grow my skills on the field at King's.”




  • Message from Year 11 Girl, Sarah Dekker


    "Choosing whether to change schools for Year 11 was a big decision. School plays a huge role in your life and it can make a big difference going to a school that you love.

    Before moving I was still nervous about the change. However, the house system and facilities at King’s College made it really easy to meet new people and create an instant bond. The college gives you lots of encouragement and pushes you to achieve your goals; I am always being given opportunities to try something new. 

    Big and Small House Music along with community service opportunities have been early highlights for me. They, and other things, have made it easy for me to settle into a new school, try new things and meet lots of new people. 

    I am so happy that I moved to King’s College and I look forward to all of the things that school has to offer me through to Year 13."