020100 Life At Kings Welcome From Our Students Hero Image
  • Message from our Head Boy, Charles Cleal

    "To all the members of the Kings College Community, welcome to 2020! It is a great privilege to have been appointed as Head Boy for the upcoming year.

    124 years ago, this school was founded under the vision of Graham Bruce, aiming to provide the best all around education that is possible to obtain for young men, and now, young women as well. This vision continues to be a central piece in the Kings lifestyle, and is a vision that starts from the top of the school. An excellent team of staff drive this place every day and ensure the passion and generosity that makes Kings so unique is upheld on a daily basis.

    This really is a place like no other, so live in the moment! Make the most of each and every opportunity that this amazing place presents to you, and I can assure you that you will come out of the College a better scholar, and an even better person above all.

    As the Averill House motto says, “Non sine pulvere palma.” - The prize is not won without the effort.

    Good luck for the year ahead!

    Virtus Pollet"

  • Message from our Head Girl, Estella Gapes

    "I extend a very warm welcome to all of the members of the King’s College community this year! 2020 is finally here and another great year at the college is upon us. 

    At King’s, there is a chance for each and everyone one of you to thrive, in whatever direction you choose. Use this year to grasp on to every opportunity that comes your way and to thrive towards achieving excellence. Students are consistently encouraged to work towards reaching their potential and achievements are always celebrated.

    Throughout my three years here, I have benefitted from the high-quality teaching on offer as well as the opportunity to participate in what seems like an unlimited range of extra-curricular activities.

    The King’s experience would not be possible without our incredible teaching staff. Throughout our college, it is evident that our staff members work cohesively to achieve student success, displayed in all aspects of the school, whether it be academia, sporting or cultural.

    I look forward to seeing you all back at school, happy and healthy and ready for yet another remarkable year at King’s.

    Virtus Pollet"

  • Message from International Student, Christian Dimitrov from Austria

    "Being an International Student at King’s is something special. International students are an integral part of the King’s Community.

    King’s provides us with so many opportunities in the academic, sporting, cultural and spiritual spheres. There is something for everyone, no matter what your interests are or where you come from.

    The supportive environment for international students at King’s is incredible. Even if you are far away from home, you will feel that King’s College is your new home.

    If you want to experience and take full advantage of an exceptional educational journey, which you will treasure your whole life, King’s College is the right place to be."

  • Message from Year 9 Boarder, Felix Moran

    "I have definitely seen an amazing climb in my confidence and also my academic performance while at King's College. I think anyone that is going to come here will have a wonderful and amazing time both inside the classroom and outside it. I was previously studying at a Hong Kong international school and captained the school rugby team - I hope to grow my skills on the field at King's.”




  • Message from Year 11 girl, Lulu Lance


    "The one re-occurring phrase I find myself repeating when asked about my transfer to Kings College this year is: I am so glad I moved.

    One big thing I was most nervous about was settling in and making friends, however I have found the house system to be a solid foundation for all new students. It has provided me with relentless support and encouragement, a theme which I have found consistent in all facets of the school.

    From the get-go I have been academically pushed, with clear goals set for upcoming exams. Furthermore, I have found myself immersed in the school’s unique and infectious student culture through events such as swimming sports and athletics day.

    It is safe to say that I am beyond excited for the rest of the school year, and hope to seize all of the wonderful opportunities available at Kings."