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Read below for 2024 welcomes from our Head Boy and Girl, International Students, Year 9 Te Pūtake Lodge boarders and Year 11 Girl students.

  • Message from our Head Boy, Samar Singh

    Head Boy 2024

    Welcome to 2024 at King's College! It's surreal and humbling to be appointed as the Head Boy, representing this amazing school and all of us. Being at King's and in Averill House since Year 9, it is a huge honour and privilege to be a part of the student leadership team for 2024. First off, a huge amount of love and respect to each of you for making King's College the vibrant, diverse, and special place it is.

    We're entering a new year packed with possibilities, challenges, and adventures. I'm stoked to share this journey with all of you - my friends, peers, and the King's College community. Let's make this year count! Let's push our boundaries, explore new passions, and have each other's backs. Whether it's acing exams, excelling in sports, or making a difference through our actions, let's do it with passion and dedication.

    As our first headmaster, Graham Bruce declared, "King's provides the best all-round education it is possible to obtain." I'd encourage you all to get involved in the life of the College as King's isn't just a school for academics; it's a place that shapes us into who we're becoming through the countless facilities and opportunities offered. Let's embrace this and make memories we'll cherish, learn lessons that will shape us, and leave a mark that'll be remembered long after we've moved on. So, here's to an epic year ahead - a year of growth, camaraderie, and achievement. Let's make our mark and show what King's College is all about!

    All the best for 2024!
    Virtus Pollet.

    Head Boy, Samar Singh (Year 13, Averill)

  • Message from our Head Girl, Lucia Iversen

    Head Girl 2024

    Noaʻia ʻe mḁuri gagaj ʻatakoa, hello everyone and welcome to King's College. I'm thrilled to spend 2024 with you, serving as a part of the 2024 leadership team. On behalf of the College, I'm delighted to welcome you into the King's family.

    We strive for excellence in all areas, whether on the sporting fields, classrooms, stage or anywhere else; the College provides the support you need to reach your greatest potential. As a part of the College, many opportunities are available to our students inside and outside the classroom. We are fortunate to offer a range of extracurricular activities in the cultural, sporting, academic and service realms. Faith is at the centre of the College, driven by the Chapel. From this, there are an array of ways to get involved in the community through service. I encourage you all to get involved and take full advantage of all the College's opportunities.

    I know everything can seem a bit daunting when entering a new year. If you need assistance selecting options or encounter any issues, I encourage you to seek assistance from your mentor, teacher or Housemaster. They are always there to support you, along with school counsellors and the careers department. My advice to you coming into College is to embrace all the opportunities you are offered and take full advantage of everything on offer. Time will certainly fly by - it feels like just yesterday I started as a Year 11. Over the past few years, I have met some amazing people and made some great memories, and I am sure you will do the same!

    Best of luck. I'm sure you'll have a great time!

    Virtus Pollet.

    Head Girl, Lucia Iversen (Year 13, Marion Bruce)

  • Message from our International Students

    "As an international student, moving to a new school, let alone a new country is difficult. King’s College has undoubtedly helped me settle in.

    With King’s College’s all-round educational philosophy, you can focus on much more outside of academics, with its cultural, sporting and spiritual sectors. These new experiences make being away from home much easier.

    All students and teachers are immensely supportive and will make you feel at ease. Boarding is also an enjoyable experience as it is a good opportunity to make new friends from all over the world.

    I am glad I chose King’s College and am excited to see what is in store for me in 2024."  

    Alyia Hamid Bugo (Year 13, Middlemore) from Malaysia.


    "Leaving home on a journey to a foreign country can be a significant challenge for anyone. You were given this amazing opportunity that can significantly impact your life.

    I still remember the moment I stepped onto the campus for the first time; I felt anxious as I walked towards the boarding House. However, that feeling quickly changed when the boarding House staff, students, and teachers throughout the school welcomed me warmly. Their support and understanding of our situation made the year go by smoothly, transforming this place into more than just a boarding House but a place I could call home.

    King's College also offers a commitment that goes beyond the classroom, offering opportunities for leadership, sports, community service, and cultural activities. The school encourages us to seize these opportunities, take advantage of them, and become the best versions of ourselves.

    I'm glad I decided to move to King's College, and I'm sure you will feel the same. It is a place where everyone belongs and a place I will cherish forever."

    Win Chungcharoen (Year 13, St John's) from Thailand.

  • Message from two Year 9 Boarders

    "Joining Te Pūtake Lodge was a great decision for me.

    The Housemaster, Matron, the tutors and the many Year 12 students who spend time in the Lodge all contribute to making it feel like a home away from home. Whether you are from Auckland and go home each Friday, or from somewhere further away and stay in most weekends, the Lodge really feels like a second home.

    Over the year, there are many opportunities to do stuff together as a group: weekends in with our cultural evening and activities like white-water rafting, which was a personal favourite of mine.

    We also have multiple events where we represent our big Houses, like Athletics Day, House Music and Cross-country and while the rivalry can be fierce between Houses, boarders always support the other boarding Houses. Whatever the event, it is always fun to represent your House and there is pride in being part of a one – especially when you are a boarder.

    But the best thing about the Lodge is the everyday stuff: you are close to all your activities, and there are always mates to do things with, whether going for a run before school or playing basketball at rec time. And the food is actually really good.

    Ultimately, the Lodge was important in preparing me for my next years at King’s. Te Pūtake Lodge helped our group build a sense of comradery and everlasting friendships we will never forget. We are all a part of each other’s first and special year at King’s".

    Archie Gore (Year 9, Te Pūtake Lodge)


    Ben Donaldson

    "Boarding at King's College did not disappoint.

    Boarding at King's was a big adjustment for me. Coming from a small rural Northland school to King's, a prestigious secondary school, was daunting. Before coming to King's, I used to worry about how I would fit in or manage my time, but I can assure you that King's has an amazing staff that will do anything to help you - and living on-site helped with those early morning trainings!

    My experience in Te Pūtake Lodge was great. The lodge is lucky enough to have some of the best staff in the school. The hours they put in (especially Mr Rattray) do not go unnoticed, and their work creates a real family feel throughout the lodge. You always have tutors on hand to help you academically and they are constantly checking in on your wellbeing. On the weekends, the boarding staff plan fun activities offsite and occasionally you link up with boarders from our big Houses. The lodge creates a smooth transition into College life and your big House".

    Ben Donaldson (Year 9, Te Pūtake Lodge)


  • Message from two Year 11 Girls


    "Moving to King’s College in Year 11 was very scary for me. As someone who is shy, this move helped me break out of my shell and comfort zone and build some life-long bonds.

    I soon learned that the house system at the college not only helps you to meet people in your own year group but also helps you connect with students who are younger and older than you. This helped me feel much more comfortable around everyone and make new friends as a new student. Also, knowing that there are so many people around you to help out and offer support and realising that all new students are in the same boat was reassuring and made me feel like I was a part of a greater community.

    Also, I found that the co-education programme provided a different type of learning that I could not get out of a textbook: communication. This life skill is beneficial to the growth of young women and all students alike. In addition, the range of co-curricular activities was exciting as there was and is always something to try, whether it be a new sporting activity, cultural group, or service opportunity.

    Yes, the move to King’s College in Year 11 can be daunting, but it can be an amazing thing with new opportunities everywhere you turn".

    Harriet Swasbrook (Year 12, Marion Bruce).


    "Changing schools can be scary. However, after settling in at King’s College, I found it to be a place that is packed full of experiences that will shape you for the best.

    Before moving to College, I was still filled with uncertainty as I was nervous about the change. This feeling quickly changed on the first day at King’s because of the mentor groups, welcoming teachers, the house system and countless other opportunities for the new students to connect with other students and peers and form close bonds with their teachers. This helped me feel at ease and excited for my time at my new school.

    King’s is well known for their well-rounded education, as its education goes beyond just academics. Even with these expectations in mind, I was still extremely surprised by all the opportunities, extra-curricular activities, and new experiences that the college provides. Big House Music was the most exciting part of the year, as competing was way more fun than just watching it in the audience a couple of years ago.

    I am thankful that I moved to King’s College and look forward to all the new opportunities the school offers me this year and beyond. I am sure it will set me up well for the future".

    Allison Sun (Year 12, Marion Bruce).