In 2022, we celebrated 100 years in Ōtāhuhu, and as such, it is fitting that we look to the maunga that watches over our campus grounds: Māngere mountain, which is sihouetted in the above image, along with the distinctive Memorial Building. 

During Charles Major’s time at King’s College in Remuera the roll grew from 70 in 1905 to 422 at the start of 1922. Several options for expansion were investigated, including purchasing land from the Dilworth trustees.

In 1917, forty-two acres of land was purchased from the Middlemore Golf Club in Ōtāhuhu, the proximity to the train and wide-open spaces for sports fields holding great promise.  The site is often referred to as Māngere as the nearby train line was the border between the two suburbs.

Old boy Richard Atkinson Abbott (KR41), an architect, designed the master plan for the new site.  There are two versions of his original plans, one attached to the back of a 1918 pamphlet publicising the new King’s College.  The other is labelled ‘Scheme Two’ but most resembles the current layout.  The plans were modified due to the lack of funds and building resources after the war. 

In June 1922, King’s College in Māngere was opened for business.  The foundation stone of the Chapel was laid in this year, with construction completed in 1925.

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When King’s College was established in 1896, the founder and principal, Mr Graham Bruce, described the aim of the College as being able to provide “the best all-round education it is possible to obtain”.

WATCH: The story of our oak trees. Narration by John Bean, ex-Archivist at King's.

WATCH: The Duces of King's College. Narration by John Bean, ex-Archivist at King's.

While the College has seen many changes our commitment to providing an excellent all-round education, and to developing the mind, body and spirit of our students has remained the same.

King’s began in Remuera, but moved to Middlemore in 1922 thanks to steady growth in the roll, and amalgamation with St John’s Collegiate. The Remuera site is now King’s School. Many of our earliest buildings remain and are central to College life, including the Abbott Building, and our Memorial Chapel which opened in 1925.

Since opening on the Middlemore site, we have accommodated growth and development through a tireless building programme. Boarding houses have been re-sited on extensions to the property. A gymnasium, assembly hall (The Great Hall), science and art blocks, and the music school have all added valuable new spaces and facilities for our students.

Our centenary was marked by the opening of a new library, another science building, more classrooms, and a university-style lecture theatre.

More recently, we opened the Roy Kelley Design Technology Centre, the magnificent Campbell sports complex and the beautiful Chapel Close. Development of new buildings and the evolution of our College site is an ongoing activity as we look to support the success of our students and honour the history of our College.

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