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Each drop-down section below contains important information for new King's College students. 

  • Health Centre Information

    Introduction to the Health Centre

    Health Centre - Te Puna Whaiora 

    Te Puna Whaiora, our Health Centre, is an integral component of the comprehensive pastoral care service delivered at King’s College. Our experienced registered nurses work alongside all areas of the College to improve the hauora and wellbeing of our community. 

    The Health Centre, located between School House and Greenbank House, offers a 24-hour, 7-day a week service for Boarding students and the care of Day students during College hours. Our 24/7 service is covered by the school nursing team. 

    Our school nursing team uses evidence-based practice in all assessment, treatment and planning of health care provided to our students. They focus on a holistic approach to health including physical, emotional and spiritual health needs. Our nurses are skilled in educating students on health promotion and prevention while providing tools to enable a positive health journey while at King’s College and beyond.


    Accessing the Health Centre 

    Students accessing the Health Centre during class time must have permission from their teacher. Students may present to the Health Centre without permission during break times. After hours, a Boarding student must inform their Housemaster, House Manager or Tutor on Duty before presenting to the Health Centre. 

    The Health Centre team will inform parents, where necessary, if their child is unwell. Where a student is too unwell to return to class or the Boarding House, a parent or Auckland-based guardian will be contacted and asked to collect them from school. It is College policy that a student should be reviewed by a nurse before going home unwell.


    Services facilitated through the Health Centre 

    College Doctor - Our Doctor’s Clinic is available before school for Boarding students. A Doctor's consultation is $35.00 charged to the student’s incidentals account.  

    College Physiotherapy - Our Physiotherapy Clinic is available for bookings after school for all students. The College’s physiotherapy provider is ACC affiliated. There is a $25 surcharge for each treatment under ACC and a $40 charge for a private/non ACC appointment. 


    Health and Wellbeing Assessments

    Every year, the Health Centre completes an in-depth Health and Wellbeing Assessment with all new-to-Boarding students. 

    These assessments play an important role in the early identification and intervention of any health and wellbeing needs a student may have during their transition period into King’s College. They also allow us the opportunity to introduce students to our Health Centre.  

    During the assessment we use a comprehensive psychosocial assessment tool called a HEeADSSS Assessment, used to identify risk and protective factors. Like all services provided by the Health Centre, the assessment is confidential.


    Important Vaccination Information 

    Student vaccination status - For the best protection against preventable communicable diseases we recommend all students’ immunisation status is up to date with the New Zealand Immunisation SchedulePlease ensure you have sent proof of your son/daughters vaccination status to the Health Centre.

    Meningococcal vaccination for Boarding students - Adolescents living in a community setting (such as students living in a Boarding House) fall into one of the most at-risk groups for getting infected with meningococcal disease. A person with meningococcal disease can develop meningitis (inflammation of the membrane around the brain), septicaemia (blood infection) or pneumonia. There are several different groups of meningococcal bacteria. The most common strains in New Zealand include groups A, B, C, Y and W. 

    MenQuadfi and Bexsero vaccines cover the five most common strains and are free for people ages 13 to 25 years during their first year of living in a boarding school hostel, or 3 months before they move in.

    Your child will need:

    1 dose of the MedQuadfi vaccine and,

    2 doses of the Bexsero vaccine. The second dose can be given eight weeks after the first dose. 

    We strongly recommend getting both the MenQuadfi and Bexsero vaccinations before starting Boarding. These vaccines are available through your family doctor.


    Health Centre - Te Puna Whaiora Contact Details 

    If you would like more information about the services we provide please contact our Health Centre Team. 

    Email: nurse@kingscollege.school.nz |  Phone: +64 27 466 7744  |  +64 9 276 0624

  • Mobile Phone Information

    A message from Headmaster Simon Lamb about mobile phones

    As a College, we are increasingly concerned about the negative impact of mobile phone and social media use among our students. In the 2023 Youthline State of the Nation report, it noted that the greatest concern young people have with social media is its effect on mental health and potential to cause social problems.

    While at the College, we want our students to be focused on learning, embracing the daily opportunities at King’s and socialising with their peers in a healthy and positive way.

    Previously mobile phones were only allowed in the Houses and tuck shop, but this year we will be introducing an 'on site, out of sight' protocol to restrict mobile phone usage between the hours of 8:20am to 3:20pm.

    Arrangements will of course be made for students or parents who need to contact each other urgently. Housemasters will confirm the specific details of this new protocol soon. We hope that this change will continue to build and maintain a healthy and happy environment for all our students here at the College. 

  • Uniform Shop Information

    The King's College Uniform shop will be open for uniform fittings from Monday 15 January 2024

    Our hours are Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm. You can find a detailed list of uniform requirements, by visiting our Uniform Shop page.

    Current fittings are for summer uniforms - you can book a fitting online here

    For new parents, payment will need to be made at the time of purchase by cash, eftpos or credit card

    Returning students can order their uniform items via our online shopGoods will be billed to the account, and customers will be notified by email once the orders are ready for pick up. 

  • Uniform, Stationery and E-learning Technology Requirements

  • DAY student booklet

  • BOARDING student booklet

  • Co-Curricular Programme for 2024

  • Who do I Ask? Contact Information for Key Staff Members

    During your child’s time here at the College, you might have questions about their learning, activities or behaviour.

    This document outlines the best member of staff to direct your question to – please bookmark or save it to refer to during 2024.