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Our 2022 annual goals and tactics help us to deliver our strategic plan. They set out a clear pathway for all involved with the King’s success story to do their part in putting the College’s strategy into action.


Strategic goal

Related 2022 annual goal

Best personalised all-round education with a focus on academic excellence and enabling each student to achieve their aspirations at King’s College and beyond.

To meet student achievement rate goals for 2022 including:

  • Increase academic support for Māori and Pacifica students, focusing on growth mindset, wellbeing, potential and all-round success.
  • Complete a strategic review of Careers.
  • Effectively utilise student feedback/voice to further enhance and highlight the delivery of academic programmes.
  • Increase offering of New Zealand Scholarship assessments as an extra for motivated students.

 To review “student culture” at the College including:

  • Develop and roll out the all-round student leadership programme that was piloted with female students.

To continue the rollout of Sports Strategy actions agreed in 2020.

To continue implementation of the Admissions Review.

Staff focus:

To encourage professional collaboration between departments in the form of professional learning groups including:

  • Ensure staff are aware of the significant changes to the NCEA qualification.
  • Further development of Positive Psychology and Wellbeing to support the Mentor programme.
  • Further enhance the use of student voice in deepening staff professional growth cycles.

To execute the Teacher Education in Schools Programme including its development, successful operation and assessment.

Continue the development of staff competence in the effective integration of ICT in their teaching, with special regard to distance learning programmes.

College/Community focus:

To complete a Māori education audit as part of Toi te Mana.

Safe, diverse and inclusive learning environment with exceptional staff and a future focused curriculum that respects the traditions and values of King’s College.

Student focus:

To continue the review of curriculum so it is future-focused and relevant including:

  • Te Reo Tikanga Māori development for staff and students.

To extend Health, Safety and Wellbeing including:

  • Incorporate student voice.
  • Rollout of the EOTC review schedule.
  • Continue the rollout of the Boarding Strategy.
  • Develop a strategy to minimise and eliminate vaping by students.
  • Develop an inclusive gender diversity position and resultant school policy on gender diverse students and any who may wish to transition while at the College.
  • Continue the timely meningococcal vaccination of boarding students and promotion of meningococcal vaccinations to all students.
  • Develop the role of the Student Equity Committee.
  • Better encourage a “speak up and care” culture.

Staff focus:

To improve cultural competence and responsiveness through staff professional development including:

  • Continue developing the Te Reo programme for staff, ensuring every member is engaged in it.
  • Further develop awareness of culturally responsive pedagogies.

To improve focus on Health, Safety and Wellbeing of staff including:

  • Develop a programme for unconscious bias and equity training for staff.
  • Introduce Restorative and PB4L Practices as a concept for pastoral care to staff.

To manage the impact of COVID-19 throughout 2022 to ensure a quality teaching and learning experience for our students.

College/Community focus:

To continue the development of Health, Safety and Wellbeing with a focus on security including:

  • Continue to develop a Risk culture, including the communication development of the Risk Register and risk mitigation strategies.

To engage our parent community through an expanded use of purposeful, online seminars.

Long term environmental, infrastructural and community sustainability with demonstrated fiscal responsibility.
 Student focus:
  • To continue to engage students in environmental and community initiatives including:

    • Improve the physical environment for teaching and learning spaces, with a focus on temperature and air quality.

Staff focus:

  • To continue to engage staff and incorporate staff voice into long-term sustainability initiatives.

College/Community focus:

  • To maintain EBIDA rates.
  • To implement a strategic review of the King’s Institute.
  • To continue the Creative Minds phase of the Next Horizon capital campaign to support Performing Arts Centre development and further progress on the Master Property Plan.
  • To commence the Environmental Strategy and focus on sustainability including reducing the carbon footprint of the College.
  • To celebrate the milestone of 100 years of King’s College in Ōtāhuhu.
  • To progress the Master Property Plan as a tool to ensure the condition of College facilities is maintained and improved.