010200 Our Anglican And Christian Ethos Inside Chapel

King’s College is a school with strong Anglican traditions. Under the leadership of our Chaplain and with the Memorial Chapel as the spiritual heart of the College, the Chaplaincy team provide a flourishing ministry that creates opportunities for students to be involved in worship, pastoral care, class-based learning and community service.

A core value of the College is to affirm the significance of the Christian spiritual journey. Our students grow to be well-rounded individuals who explore who they are, the Anglican faith, have a strong sense of belonging and search for meaning and purpose in life.

Through our Religious Education teachings in the classroom, our community service programme, Voyager course and Chapel Choir, and more, the College does much to celebrate its Anglican and Christian ethos.

King’s College is clear that every student should feel safe at our school. 

The school has made significant strides over recent years to improve the culture and encourage student wellbeing. These efforts continue. We have invested heavily, and continue to do so, in a pastoral care approach that emphasises the importance of student wellbeing and respect for others.  

Our Student Guidelines and Discipline Policies make it clear we will not tolerate any breaches of major school rules, including bullying, harassment and gross misbehaviour.  These Policies are regularly reviewed and updated every three years. They are published each year in our Student Handbook.

If any student, past or present, wishes to discuss concerns they have about their time at King’s College, we encourage them to contact in strictest confidence the current Headmaster, Simon Lamb at  s.lamb@kingscollege.school.nz .