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At King’s College, we are committed to bringing together qualified, curious, and passionate staff who are dedicated in their support of the College's the values, aims, Christian ethos, and special character. 

A leader in independent school education in New Zealand

We’re proud of who we are - a leader in independent school education in New Zealand.

We promote excellence in art, culture and sport. Our teachers work with talented students who can choose from NCEA and CIE Examinations, or a combination of both, as well as Scholarship examinations.

We are future-focused

We are a college with tradition as our backbone, but leading the way in creating a modern learning and teaching experience for both students and staff.

We ensure our staff benefit from the very best in technology and resources to support creative teaching and learning practices at King’s.

We ensure our staff are developed to be the best they can be, that their experiences at King’s will enable them to build strong careers in teaching and education. 

A strong pastoral care model

We have an effective model of pastoral care for our students, with each House providing a sense of belonging and inclusion within our College, be it for boarders or day students. At the physical and spiritual heart of it all is our Chapel.

We are proud to see our students who go on to graduate with the greatest potential to be successful in life.

Every day is different at King’s

Flexibility, creativity, initiative, a collaborative style of leadership, and an interest in variety, will see staff succeed at King’s.

We interact with our students across a multitude of areas and platforms to ensure they are truly getting the best in all-round education.

We’d like to bring our staff on that journey too, whether it’s on the sports field, in the traditional classroom, or providing one-on-one mentoring in our boarding environment.

We have a strong, learning and teaching philosophy, and we’d like to take our staff with us as we create the very best in a new world of learning and teaching opportunities.

If this sounds like a journey you would like to be part of, apply here.