We are always considering how we can improve the educational experience for our students and their whānau/families, and we value their feedback.

Complaints are a formal way of informing the College you are unhappy or unsatisfied with something about or at King’s. We recognise that complaints are an important way of ensuring King’s is constantly improving and giving students the best experiences possible.

The process for lodging a complainant can be found here: Complaints Procedure

In the first instance, if you wish to lodge a complaint you should contact an appropriate staff member, such as the relevant student’s Teacher or Mentor or Housemaster. In many cases, this may mean that the matter will be resolved straightaway.

If you have already contacted the appropriate staff member and you feel that you complaint is unresolved, please email: complaints@kingscollege.school.nz, outlining the issue and including all relevant information, stating that you wish to make a formal complaint, including the names of staff members you have already contacted, the nature of the complaint and the remedy sought. 

In your email, please include your name and contact details to ensure we can get back to you. Anonymous complaints cannot be responded to, but the College may choose to investigate anonymous complaints at their discretion. 

After receiving your email, we will listen to you and your problem and work towards finding a solution.

Procedure for resolving complaints

Once we have received your complaint we will:

  • Take immediate action if there is a risk of harm to a student.
  • Acknowledge all complaints within 5 working days following a complaint notification.
  • Identify the appropriate person to manage your complaint. This person will be your contact person. You may request to have a different contact person.
  • Potentially ask you to provide more information to help us understand the complaint.
  • Will follow the process outlined in our Complaints Procedure, Complaints Policy and our Staff-Managing Complaints Policy, if your complaint involves a member of staff.
  • Keep you informed throughout the stages of the complaint and handling process - you can find the flowchart which explains the steps taken here.
  • Investigate the complaint and advise you of the outcome.


What if you are not satisfied with the outcome?