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King’s College aims to provide a full and balanced curriculum that is stimulating, enjoyable, challenging and takes account of each student’s specific learning needs. 

We believe that the role of the College is to provide a wide range of challenging learning opportunities that will enable each individual to realise their potential. It is also our role to support our students to meet the challenges we set for them.

We recognise that a one-size-fits-all approach to teaching and learning is flawed. Different students will need different levels of support and we are committed to understanding the individual needs and circumstances of each student.

Tracking progress

Our low pupil-to-teacher ratios mean our teachers have more time to spend one-on-one with our students and are very aware of achievement levels and learning needs.

The College also makes use of learning analytics to interpret data from our Learning Management System about each student’s learning behaviours and to track their academic attainment. This information assists in enabling teachers to provide personalised, targeted advice for each student and helps identify when and where extra learning support is needed.

Information about learning behaviours and academic attainment is also shared with our students and they are encouraged to set goals and take responsibility for their own learning.

Systems for support

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For each student who is identified as needing learning support, both the student and their teachers are given as much support as possible to meet their needs. We ensure all our teachers are made aware of the needs of the students they teach.

To support our students and teachers, the College provides a personalised tutoring and pastoral system integrating services and support from our:

  • Learning Support Department which provides specialised subject tutoring and provides for special assessment conditions
  • Scholars’ Common Room which also acts as a student tutor service and provides assistance with overseas tertiary applications
  • Information Centre to assist students with research
  • Subject department tutorials and guidance
  • Careers Department to assist with planning for tertiary courses.

Additional support for our students is provided by the networks in their House. Within each House is a team of staff dedicated to supporting the students and helping them to make the most of all the opportunities the College has to offer.

Year 11 Programme

Learning Support is a subject option at Year 11. The purpose of the Learning Support Programme is to give support to students who found the Year 10 course difficult. Selecting the Learning Support subject option reduces the workload for students who may otherwise struggle with six subjects at this level.

The programme focuses on ensuring students achieve NCEA Level 1. Students undertake a combination of Communication Unit Standards and Hospitality Unit Standards, and if a student achieves in all standards they gain 11 credits at Level 1 and 6 credits at Level 2 -  total of 16 – 19 credits. It is our priority to support students to complete their Achievement Standards in all subjects so they meet the prerequisites to progress into Year 12 courses. The programme tracks students to support them in achieving Numeracy (10 Maths credits at Level 1).

Students who take Learning Support as a subject will also take part in a Day Skipper course with a Coastguard New Zealand Tutor. This course, which teaches students to read for meaning and the importance of using different learning strategies, leads to the completion of Unit Standard Safety on the Water and leads itself into the Unit Standard Reading Text for Meaning.

Throughout the year students will prepare a programme of assessments for all their other subjects. The Learning Support Unit Standards will be done at times that do not clash with other subjects.

Students are also given time to catch up on work that they may be falling behind on and will allocate time to study and to complete assessments in other curriculum areas.

King’s College is committed to promoting achievement and raising standards and to providing an environment that encourages all students to develop their abilities to the fullest. We aim to provide a rich education for students of all abilities and take pride in and celebrate their successes.

Students needing support can access:

  • Educational psychologist assessments
  • Learning support classes
  • One–on–one tuition
  • Special Assessment Conditions for Exams (reader/writers/computer use/extra time)
  • Housemaster/Mentor support
  • Specialist Computer programmes i.e Fastforword, Reading Plus

For more information, contact:

Head of Learning Support
David Ward