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For each of our students, understanding where they want to go next in their studies – and ultimately which career pathway they want to follow – will help them choose the subjects and course options that are right for them.

Your 21st Century Career author Dr Heather Carpenter observed that developing self-knowledge and identity acts as a compass, pointing a person in the right direction and helping them to say, “I know how I tick and what suits me”.

Resources available 

Visit the “Careers” section on Schoolbox to find more Career Tools and Career Resources, and to learn more about Subject Choice and University Entry.

The ‘Advice from the Careers Centre’ section of our Courses of Study Guide contains helpful resources for parents and students, offering practical advice on how to explore each student’s career interests, skills, abilities and talents.

Our ‘Parents as Career Educators’ material in the Guide, adapted from the University of Canterbury’s Careers, Internships & Employment Centre, provides advice for parents on questions they can ask and steps they can take to help their son/daughter identify future study and career options.

For our students, we recommend they complete the ChoicesMatch Compass tool and the Career Identity exercise on SchoolBox, which will help identify possible career options that match their interests and strengths. With career pathways identified, students can look at relevant university courses and then ask themselves “What subjects do I need to study?”.

For information on entry requirements for different universities students are strongly encouraged to use the Careers section of Schoolbox and click the 'Subject Choice' tile, to access a table of recommended and prerequisite subjects, as well as web links to detailed advice from all NZ universities.

We hope this information helps students make informed, well researched decisions about the subjects they take now so they can realise their study and career aspirations in the future. We invite students who need more guidance to visit the Careers Centre at the College (1st floor Centennial Centre) to discuss their study and career options.