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As a private school, King’s College is required to be financially independent of government education subsidies. The operating costs of the College are recovered through the tuition and boarding fees charged for all enrolled students.

Fees are reviewed annually by the King’s College Board of Governors. Changes normally take effect from the beginning of Term One.

Note: All figures are in New Zealand dollars and are GST inclusive.

2020 annual fee structure for New Zealand citizens and permanent residents


Year 9    

 Year 10 Day 

 Year 10 Boarding 

Years 11-13  



Includes EOTC fee

Includes EOTC fee

















Tuition and boarding





Fee payers should note that the following items are included within the tuition fee:

  • most class textbooks, workbooks and stationery
  • transport to sporting fixtures and curriculum activities in the Auckland area
  • visits to Ahuroa Camp
  • ID cards, House photographs (note that lost or replacement cards are charged)
  • student admission to College productions
  • for Boarders, House entertainment is also included.

A discount of 10 percent of tuition and boarding fees (GST inclusive) will be given where three or more family members currently attend the College. This relates to the net portion of fees actually paid by the parents/guardians of the students, so excludes any scholarship relief provided to one or more of the students.

  • Payment options

    Fees are payable by direct debit, over periods which are shown and selected in the Direct Debit Authority form commencing 26 January 2020 for monthly direct debits, or the last Wednesday of January 2020 for fortnightly and weekly direct debits. Fees are also payable by bank deposit or by credit card.

    If payment for the full annual fees is made in full before commencement of Term 1, a 2 percent discount will be applied to the tuition amount only.

    If payment for the full annual fees is made by credit card, a surcharge of 2 percent will apply to the total.

    By direct debit

    MONTHLY: Monthly direct debits commence on Sunday 26 January 2020, payment will be deducted on Tuesday 28 January (nine monthly instalments – finishing on Saturday 26 September, payment being deducted Monday 28 September).

    FORTNIGHTLY: Fortnightly direct debits commence on Wednesday 29 January 2020 (18 fortnightly instalments – finishing on Wednesday 23 September 2020).

    WEEKLY: Weekly direct debits commence on Wednesday 29 January 2020 (36 weekly instalments – finishing on Wednesday 30 September 2020).

    By bank deposit:

    ANZ Bank Account Name: Kings College Trustees

    Account Number: 06-0433-0604125-00

    Swift Code: ANZBNZ22

    National Clearing Code: 060433

    BSB: 0604125-00

    Please note that the College no longer accepts cheques in payment of fees or other charges.

    direct debit amounts


  • All students

    Application Fee (non-refundable): NZ$275.00

    Confirmation of Enrolment Fee: NZ$1,100.00 charge payable on acceptance (does not count towards tuition fees). Note: This fee is non-refundable

    Fee-paying parent life insurance scheme: The College operates a fee-paying parent life insurance scheme whereby, upon the death of the fee-paying parent or guardian, who has signed the Admissions Agreement, the residual tuition and boarding fees of the student are indemnified. The scheme is available to all fee-paying parents/guardians (excluding those with pre-existing terminal illness or aged over 65 years) of domestic students. There is no additional cost as the scheme is covered by the tuition and boarding fees.

  • King's College Old Collegians' Association Subscription Levy

    This covers pre-payment of lifetime membership of the King's College Old Collegians' Association (KCOCA) for the student. The subscription is currently $759.00.

    Membership of the KCOCA is compulsory. If the student does not commence at the College and sufficient notice is given, the KCOCA Levy is refundable.

  • The Association of the Friends of King's College Subscription Levy

    This covers payment of an annual (family) membership of the Association of the Friends of King's College and is a levy on parents/guardians. The subscription is currently $50.00. Membership of the association is compulsory.

  • Incidentals

    There are expenses incurred by students over and above the tuition/boarding fees. These are recovered via the student's Incidental Account. Personal shopping outside the College may NOT be charged to this account. Incidental Accounts are strictly monthly and must be paid by direct debit. A breakdown of the major items is set out below.

      • Purchases from The Uniform Shop – parents and guardians may place a monetary limit on their son's/daughter's spending by contacting the Accounts Office.  
      • Photographs - recovering the cost of House, sports and cultural photographs ordered by the student.
      • Medical Centre Attendance Fee – standard fee of $25.00 per visit.
      • Hospital Fee - for non-boarders where ACC does not apply.
      • Physiotherapy Fee - for visits to the College physiotherapists. Please note there is a $10.00 surcharge on ACC visits.
      • House incidentals - student personal items (haircuts etc.)
      • Lost or unreturned class textbooks.
      • NCEA and Cambridge Examination Fees.

    Queries concerning fees and incidentals should be directed to:

    Kirsty Preston, Assistant Accountant (09) 276 0618 or email k.preston@kingscollege.school.nz

  • Fees for international students

    For information on our fees for international students, please contact:

    International Manager
    Robbie Pickford


    Head of Admissions
    Graeme Syms
    Phone: +64 9 276 0677