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Providing “the best all-around education it is possible to obtain” is at the heart of the King’s College educational philosophy.

Our goal is to prepare our students so that they can flourish in today’s rapidly changing world.

Staff are dedicated to the development of our academic curriculum and co-curricular programmes and have worked productively to create exciting, challenging and worthwhile opportunities for all our students.

King’s College aims to provide a full and balanced curriculum that is stimulating, enjoyable, challenging and takes account of each student’s specific learning needs.

We believe that the role of the College is to provide a wide range of challenging learning opportunities that will enable each individual to realise their potential. It is also our role to support our students to meet the challenges we set for them.

We recognise that a one-size-fits-all approach to teaching and learning is flawed. Different students will need different levels of support and we are committed to understanding the individual needs and circumstances of each student.

At King’s, we offer the Dual Qualification Pathways of both Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) and the National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA).

We are proud to offer choice of CIE and NCEA to our senior students and we do this to ensure each student has access to the teaching and learning opportunities that will give them the tools to succeed in their chosen subjects.

Making decisions about which qualification pathway to follow and selecting which subjects to take can be a challenge for many students. We encourage all our students to keep their subject choices broad rather than specialising too early. By keeping a mix of subjects across areas such as the humanities, sciences and maths, you are keeping your options open for your future studies and career choices, as well as developing the diversity of skills that employers are looking for.