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Located on the ground floor of the Centennial Centre central to classrooms, the King’s College Library is a busy and popular learning environment for students.

Staffed full-time by professional librarians, the King’s College Library operates as a research hub and communal space for our students to study, meet and share ideas. Our librarians assist students in their search for materials to support their research projects and class assignments.

An important focus for our library staff is teaching students how to find quality resources and encouraging them to look beyond Google searches and Wikipedia.

Through the King’s College Library students are familiarised with library systems – a skill that is vital as they continue their studies – and gain access to an extensive network of online resources.

King’s has adopted Accessit Library software which allows our students to search for books and other resources when it suits them – onsite, from the classroom, or at home on the weekend.

We also subscribe to EPIC, a collaboration between New Zealand libraries and the Ministry of Education, which gives our students access to content from thousands of up-todate, full-text international and local magazines, newspapers, biographies, reference works, images, e-books and multimedia resources.

Other valuable research tools provided through the King’s College Library’s online platform include OneSearch which allows students to quickly search the full library collection as well as other online indexes, e-book collections and journal databases. Students can also access Citemaker to help them format citations and build bibliographies for their assignments.

Our King’s College Library team supports our students to build strong research habits and develops the skills they will need as they progress in their education and future careers.

Its comprehensive range of both print-based and digital resources support teaching and learning in all subject areas, and there is a wide range of fiction and other recreational reading to cater for students' personal reading.

Wi-Fi provides access to network computers, printers and the photocopier, and is also available for personal devices.

Opening hours are Monday-Thursday from 7.30am to 4.30pm, and Friday from 7.30am to 4.00pm.


Library Manager
John CumminsDipL5&6 LIS