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King's is a community where much care and attention is given to student wellbeing.

Positive Education and Pastoral Care are a whole College responsibility, with all staff taking a professional proactive role in ensuring that all students are given every opportunity to reach their full potential.

Counselling can assist people to better understand their experience and explore ways of improving their lives. It can also provide resources via education, referral, and strategies to assist students in their development during the adolescent years.

Meet our Head of Counselling

Karen Thompson

Karen can help students as they develop during the adolescent years.

She has worked with adolescents and their families over the past thirteen years. After having her own children, she initially trained as a Family therapist and is influenced by the systemic view of counselling. This acknowledges the value and importance of family and community as supports as individuals overcome challenges. She has a particular interest in working with Interactive Drawing therapy as a way to facilitate discussion and change.

Make an appointment 

The Counselling Office is located in the top floor of the Centennial Centre. To make an appointment:

Text: +64 27 431 2512
Email: Karen Thompson