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The King's College Foundation is the vehicle providing financial security for the future and its goal is to create a substantial financial base to ensure the ongoing independence of King's.

The 2023 AGM was held on Tuesday 25 June 2024. View the 2023 annual report and full financials here.

The College's Foundation was formed in 1980 when the Board of Governors was viewing the potential loss of 'state aid' (to private schools) as being a very real danger, as well as the threat of possible integration of private schools with the state school sector. In the decades since its formation there has been a change of emphasis for the role of the Foundation, with a focus on initiatives that directly assist the College. With financial support from our community, the Foundation has grown in terms of its ability to support the College, as well as placing its funds under professional investment management.


WATCH: Learn about the role of our King’s Foundation in enabling the College to be what it is, and where it is today.

 Our Deed:

The King’s Foundation was constituted by declaration made on 17 September 1980, and amended on 4 November 1998 and 26 May 2010. It was founded for the broad charitable purpose of the advancement of education within New Zealand and specifically through the application of the Trust Fund for the exclusive benefit of King’s College, including without limitation, to provide financial assistance for the:

  • granting of scholarships, bursaries, endowments and educational allowances to teachers, other staff, and to students of the College
  • employment of teachers and other staff
  • carrying out of educational and research projects
  • ability to enable academic specialists to visit the College
  • acquisition by the College of library books, works of art and plant and equipment required for educational purposes
  • development of new teaching methods and the cultural environment of the College
  • acquisition of land or other facilities for the College and for the construction or maintenance of buildings and other facilities to be used by the College.