Every student is assigned to a House. From their first day at King’s they are part of a supportive network that fosters friendship and encourages them to explore their interests and passions.

The House structure and system provides many opportunities for students to take on responsibilities and roles within the House, building confidence when dealing with their peers.

What our students gain from the King’s House system
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“One of the main things I like about the House system at King’s is that it provides both junior and senior students the chance to interact with each other.”

A Taylor House student.
  • A sense of belonging and identity
  • A strong support network including senior-junior mentoring relationships
  • Opportunities for socialisation and a foundation for enduring friendships
  • Opportunities to explore their sporting and cultural interests in a safe, supportive environment
  • Strengthened teamwork and leadership skills
  • Greater respect for different opinions, cultures and ways of doing things

Every student is assigned to a House at King’s, each with their own culture, traditions and support networks, to assist students in their life at the College.

All our Houses have a team of support staff including a Housemaster, Boarding House Tutors, a House Manager - all of whom live on-site - and Teacher Mentors.

Our House staff provide a cohesive support network for our students. They oversee day-to-day care and supervision, and monitoring their academic and co-curricular progress. Staff also providing emotional support and tend tending minor injuries and illnesses.

  • Boarding life

    King’s College has one of the largest boarding communities in New Zealand, catering for students from all over the country, the wider Auckland region and overseas.

    Our Boarders are integral to the culture of the College. Living onsite gives them a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in everything King’s has to offer.

    We have four boys’ boarding Houses: School, St John’s, Parnell and Selwyn, along with Te Pūtake Lodge for our Year 9 Boarders.

    Our girls’ boarding House for Years 11-13 is Middlemore House, which offers separate common rooms for each Year level and shared spaces for socialising.

    Boarding at King’s is very flexible. Boarders can choose to stay in their House at weekends, request leave for the entire weekend, or leave on Saturday and return either Sunday night or Monday morning.

  • House mentoring

    Starting a new school can be daunting. Our House Mentoring Programme helps junior students settle into their new environment and creates enduring ties between our senior and junior students.

  • Inter-House competitions

    Throughout the year we run House competitions in sport, drama, debate and music with each House vying to out-do the others. Each House has its own identity, motto, shield and colours, and our students take pride in competing and in the combined strengths of their House.

  • Leadership opportunities

    Our students are given many opportunities to take on responsibilities and roles within their House, including being selected as a House Prefect in Year 13. These roles help grow their confidence and develop their leadership skills.

  • Support network

    Within each House, we have a team of staff dedicated to supporting the students and helping them make the most of all the opportunities the College has to offer.

    Every house has a Housemaster, House Tutors and Teacher Mentors who provide support and encouragement, and help oversee students’ academic and co-curricular progress.