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With a view to continuous improvement in an ever-changing technological environment, we have moved to standardise the acquisition and deployment of students devices. 

  • The iPad Programme

    At King’s College we are using educational technologies and our e-learning programme to transform the learning experience by making it more student-centred, more dynamic and more accessible.

    Our teachers are using technology to give our students access to new resources and new ways to learn. We are also equipping our students with the skills to enhance their own study and research, by making smarter use of the technology that is available to them. One of the key advantages of our e-learning approach is that it allows our staff to deliver more individualised learning opportunities and gives our students greater control over their learning experience.

    Students are supported to learn at their own pace, allowing them to revise content with which they need to spend more time, or to stretch themselves with additional readings and exercises. Each student’s device enables our staff to reach them with a range of learning resources such as course notes, videos, podcasts, revision exercises and online publications, including a number of multi-touch interactive books developed in-house by our subject departments.

    Technology requirements

    All our students, from Year 9 to Year 13, use iPads arranged through our iPad lease programme. Their academic courses are accessible online, enabling them to keep up-to-date with their coursework at any time and from anywhere. 

    With a view to continuous improvement in an ever-changing technological environment, we have moved to standardise the acquisition and deployment of students devices.

    This means that the College leases the Apple iPad Pro M2 12.9” to all new students, the cost of the lease being added to a student’s College account in January each year. An Apple Pencil, keyboard and folio case will be provided with the iPad, with cover and technical support provided through AppleCare. Apps and other digital resources will be distributed to students’ iPads via our Mobile Device Management (MDM) system.

    Advantages for students:

    1. Device equity – all students have the same device, apps and peripherals, and all are provided at a lower cost than is commercially available.
    2. iPad use is focused on schoolwork and learning – students’ iPads are set up exclusively for use in the school environment and supervised through our Mobile Device Management (MDM) system whilst connected to the College network.
    3. iPads will be kept up to date – our MDM managed iPadOS updates and any apps updates.
    4. iPads can be refreshed every three years.
    5. We provide technical support and repair or replacement if a student’s iPad is permanently damaged (restrictions and discretion may apply).
    6. Complete cover with AppleCare and 24/7 technical support for staff, students and parents.
    7. Students will be provided with a Managed Apple ID when they start at the College – this facilitates some of the software we use, such as Apple Classroom and Classwork, and enables collaborative engagement in their schoolwork.
    8. The Managed Apple ID provided also provides every student with 200GB free iCloud storage. 

    King’s College is an Apple Distinguished School, a designation that recognises programmes that meet criteria for innovation, leadership and educational excellence, and demonstrate a clear vision of exemplary learning environments. Our lease programme is an exciting development in the College’s 30-year commitment to e-learning, and one that will further transform our use of educational technologies in our teaching and learning.

    Please note that laptops or alternative tablets are not viable alternatives for your son’s or daughter’s school use at any year level.

    This lease programme is for domestic students only, international students will have different digital requirements which will be communicated to students and families directly.

  • Required apps

    The College has put together a suite of apps and associated services that are needed on students’ iPads. Some specific subjects or Year levels may require additional apps which the student will need to install as required.

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