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King’s College is clear that every student should feel safe at our school. 

We have made significant strides over many years in creating a culture at the College which supports and encourages student well-being. We have invested heavily in a commitment to pastoral care that emphasises the importance of student care and respect for others. 

This includes the development of Student Guidelines and Discipline Policies that make it clear any breaches of major school rules, including bullying, harassment, and gross misconduct, will not be tolerated. These policies are regularly reviewed and updated and are published each year in our Student Handbook.

The College recognises and acknowledges that not all students have had a positive experience during their time at King’s College and we know that, amongst our Old Collegian community, there are those who suffered bullying. We take this opportunity to unreservedly apologise to those students for these experiences.

In acknowledging and apologising, we have also put in place a support service and engaged an independent facilitator, Mark Wells, who is available to meet with former students and, where appropriate, recommend support. We have done so because we know that not every former student will feel comfortable approaching the College directly.

Mark Wells provides support services to a range of schools and organisations across Aotearoa New Zealand. He is a social worker by qualification and background and has considerable experience in working in this area.


Talking to the College about your experience


If you would like to talk about your own experiences at King’s College, please contact Mark Wells, who can be reached at 

You can also contact Mark by writing to c/- King’s College, PO Box 22012, Otahuhu, Auckland and marking the envelope ‘Confidential for the attention of Mark Wells.’

Mark can assist in referring you to someone else in the event that you would prefer not to meet with him. For example, if you would like to speak to someone of a different gender.  

King's College is fully committed to this process and encourages and welcomes any Old Collegian to make use of this service.