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The King’s College Oaks Fellowship was founded in 2012.

Learn about the history of the King’s College oak trees on the College’s Memorial Drive:

It was established as a way to formally thank and honour those people who have served or are serving the College in the following roles:

  • Member of the Board of Governors
  • Member of the Board of Trustees
  • President of Affiliate Groups
  • Headmaster
  • Played a significant role with the College

Every two years a special dinner is held at the College to celebrate the achievements and support of this important cohort. Fellows are kept updated on College developments and invited to selected special events. Each year new members are welcomed to the Oaks as they come into office.

For more information about upcoming events contact:

Head of Stakeholder Engagement
Katie Milner
Phone: +64 9 276 0635  
Mobile: +64 21 548 954