Golf Academy

The King’s College Golf Academy, in partnership with the Royal Auckland Golf Club and the Grange Golf Club, is open for membership to all interested students from Years 9 to 13 as the College and Royal Auckland and Grange Golf Club work together to nurture a pool of young aspiring golfers and home-grown talent. 

It is an opportunity for King’s College to offer golf as a mainstream sport via a structured, professionally delivered and sustainable programme.

The Golf Academy is open to students of any level (Term 1 of 2022 saw students entirely new to the game through to students with a handicap of +1.6).

  • Key objectives

    • To introduce the game of golf and to make it accessible to boys and girls attending King’s College.
    • To produce “home grown” talent and well-rounded sportsmen and women to represent the Club and the College at all levels. 
    • A clearly defined and professionally delivered golf development programme.
    • A progression plan for those with golfing aspirations.

    The King’s College Golf Academy is administered, from the Club’s side, by the Club’s Director of Golf and from the College’s side, by the Director of Sport and the Teacher in Charge of Golf.

    Tuition is provided by accredited PGA Professionals who will be contracted by the Club to provide this tuition.

  • King’s College Golf Academy Programme

    Term 1: February/March/April across 9-10 weeks

    Term 2: April/May/June across 8-9 weeks

    Term 3: July/August/September across 7-8 weeks

    Term 4: October/November/December across 7-8 weeks*

    The Golf Academy will start after the end of school. Timings will be confirmed each term but are approximately 3.45pm to 5pm.

    * Term 4 only runs if we have sufficient interest, as students in Years 11-13 are on study leave for most of the term.


  • Assessment

    Students in the King’s College Golf Academy will  be assessed on both golfing aptitude and golf  related conduct.

    Golfing aptitude: Assessed and reported on at the end of each term*
    • Rip it: Driver and fairway woods
    • Roll it: Putting
    • Chip it: Chipping and Pitching
    • Fly it: Iron play
    • Blast it: Bunkers
    • Bend it: Shaping the ball
    Conduct: Monitored on an ongoing basis and reported on at the end of each term
    • Personal behaviour
    • Willingness to learn
    • Dedication and commitment
    • Rules, etiquette and care of the course

    *A Skills Challenge model is used to assess playing ability and monitor progress.

  • Costs

    The cost is set each term by the RAGGC and will be advertised to students prior to their signing up via a Google form. Students will be asked to share this information with their parents before signing up.

    The cost does not include membership at the RAGGC. For membership enquiries, please contact the RAGGC directly.

  • Code of Conduct

    King’s College Golf Academy students will be required to conduct themselves according to the rules of Royal Auckland and Grange Golf Club and play within the rules of the game of golf. Etiquette and manners of the highest order will be expected.

    The following will be considered unacceptable and could result in action being taken against those who perpetrate:

    • Abusive language or poor manners
    • Throwing of golf clubs
    • Cheating
    • Disrespect towards Members or staff at the Club
    • Not adhering to the Club’s dress code - Failing to comply with the “care of the course” requirements
    • Wilful damage to Club property or that of a fellow player/member
    • Use of electronic devices on the course or in the clubhouse
    • Poor golf etiquette