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The Athletic Development programme at King's is catered to students of all age and skill levels to promote positive physical wellbeing and develop fundamental skills, movement patterns and physical literacy. 

Students enter into one of the three tiers (Foundational, Development and Competitive) of the programme depending on their ambitions and current competency level, progressing through these tiers over their time at King's. 

  • Foundational

    The purpose of this tier in the framework is to appropriately guide students, towards the beginning of their health and fitness journey. More importantly at this stage of their development and maturation, the emphasis is on understanding the technical foundations of basic physical skills

    The Foundational Programme is implemented throughout the Junior PE Curriculum. Whereby all Year 9 & 10 students have access to learning and applying, all exercises associated. Lead by their PE teacher

    There is an additional expansion of the Foundational Programme, through the Athletic Performance Class. Whereby select students receive technical coaching services from the Heads of Code, throughout the entire year

  • Development

    The purpose of this tier in the framework is to expand on the previously developed knowledge, to progress into more complex skills and movement patterns.

    If students have safely progressed their technical capacity in bodyweight exercises, then we slowly begin implementing learning opportunities for compound exercises. And more advanced technical game skills.

    Aspects of the Development Programme are offered in the Junior PE Curriculum. Additionally, this is offered as a self-driven process which can be guided by our Head of Athletic Development, and implemented within the Rolf Porter Fitness Centre.

  • Competitive

    This tier in the framework is an Athletic Performance provision which is implemented concurrently within the weekly training schedule of our competitive sporting teams. The purpose of this is to reduce the likelihood of injury, as well as enhancing physical qualities such as Speed, Power, Strength and Conditioning.

    The Competitive Programme is implemented as an early morning (6:30am) or afternoon (3:30pm) provision. Sessions are led by our Head of Athletic Development and other Sports staff, whereby we utilize the fantastic facilities on offer here at King’s. These sessions are not exclusively for First Team students. We also invite those students who are progressing through the sporting teams (U15 players, etc).

    Additionally, this provision expands to off-season and summer training provisions, where appropriate.

Students are provided opportunities catered to their needs which will develop their physical literacy and competence in a safe and interactive manner. The Athletic Development programme aims to instil confidence within our students to participate in sports and general physical activity during their time at King’s and beyond. 

Key skills taught through the programme include:

  • How to exercise and train correctly
  • How to use gym facilities safely
  • How to execute the technical foundation of fundamental skills such as catching, throwing, kicking, passing and running

Through a variety of activities, students will gain the knowledge and experience required to make responsible and intuitive decisions on their own health, fitness and wellbeing. Provisional interventions and services of the programme include:

  • Practical based modules within Junior Core PE curriculum
  • Passport for Life (Physical Literacy Monitoring Protocol)
  • Athletic Performance Class (Year 9 & 10)
  • Access to individualised exercise plans
  • Access to a fully functioning gym facility (Rolf Porter Fitness Centre)
  • Access to a high-quality Strength Gym

For additional information, current students can refer to this Schoolbox page.

Current and prospective parents as well as any other members of the community with specific queries can contact Head of Athletic Development, Craig Birkbeck