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Our Elite Sports Mentoring Programme offers students sporting and academic mentoring. It was introduced in 2017 to enable students to perform equally well in both academic and sporting arenas.

We complement our existing sporting programmes with conditioning, nutritional and specific sport-related advice. This is provided by the King’s Sports staff who have a wide range of experience.

We offer one-on-one academic mentoring to help students maintain their performance.

By offering both sporting and academic mentoring, we can help students perform in both arenas. Where the school programme needs to be altered to accommodate the sporting commitments,  we can provide support for both sporting and academic aspirations,

This is a very different offering to a sports academy in that the offer is a personalised, tailored programme to assist the individual needs of each student enlisted in the mentoring programme.

For more information, email:

Head of Sport
Kerry Baker

  • Case study: Elite sportsman, William Cashmore

    William Cashmore (Selwyn, Year 12) is a talented skier and a King’s high performance athlete involved in our Elite Sports Mentoring programme.

    Will has competed around the world in various skiing events. Most recently, he represented New Zealand internationally in the Trofeu Borrufa skiing competition in Andorra, where he gained a 3rd place on the international stage.

    Will’s parents, Jen and Grant, are very proud of his achievements on the national and international stage. They’re keen to ensure sure his academic results are not comprimised by his involvement in elite sport.

    “We set a non-negotiable rule where acceptable academic results are the number one priority,” says Jen. “The support by the College for Will is outstanding and both Grant and I are very grateful to our Headmaster Simon Lamb for bringing this awesome initiative to the College.”

    “With Will now in Year 12 the academic workload is so much greater and with the intense support from the College on a daily basis, Will can travel, train and compete while keeping up to date with his course workload.”

    Will admits that the most difficult thing about being a high performance athlete, while also being a student is balancing training and school work.

    “King’s has provided me with a structure for my school work and have catered to my needs brilliantly when I have to take time away,” says Will.

    “This has allowed me to build routines and keep up to date with schoolwork whilst I am training/racing.”