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A teacher at King’s will thrive in an environment which supports a very specific values. 

At King's, we value: 

The pursuit of learning

Our teachers are dedicated to motivating the curiosity and academic rigour of our students. They encourage enquiry within a wide range of engaging activities and material to design future learning.


Our teachers know and understand akonga – navigating seamlessly and effectively in New Zealand’s multi-cultural contexts. They respond to diverse cultural experiences, strengths, interests and needs of our community with respect, awareness, sensitivity, and understanding.


Our teachers are fair-minded and promote a sense of democracy within King’s, ultimately encouraging our student voice.

Sense of responsibility to our environment

Our teachers are acutely aware of their social and physical environment, and with it comes a sense of responsibility towards understanding bi-culturalism and continuously developing their own thinking and learning, and assisting in others’ learning.

Spirit of adventure

Our teachers have a strong sense of collaboration to create unique experiences for themselves and our students. Their spirit of adventure takes them down the path of new teaching and learning methods.


Our teachers are visionary in their approach to teaching and learning.

Commitment to service

Our teachers have a readiness to assist each other their students, and our local community, promoting and enhancing the College’s inclusive and supportive teaching and learning environment. It is this commitment to service that makes us stand out from the crowd.


Underpinning it all is the innate sense of spirituality that the College seeks to promote throughout: well-groundedness, faith and caring. It is our community’s commitment to a strong Anglican ethos and community spirit that enables them to model to our students the right spiritual values and behaviours.