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The Year 10 Adventure Challenge is an integral part of the student experience at King’s College. 

The King’s College Adventure Challenge programme aims to unlock potential in students through discovery in the wild. 

All Year 10 students spend approximately 18 days away from home and school on the Adventure Challenge as part of the Education Outside the Classroom curriculum.

  This includes:      

  • 7 nights at Ahuroa: King’s College Venture Camp, Puhoi.
  • 3 nights on Steinlager II or Lion New Zealand: Sir Peter Blake's 85 foot maxi round the world yachts
  • 8 nights in the Central North Island National Park 

During the Adventure Challenge, students will take part in a broad spectrum of outdoor activities which may include: Tramping for the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award, Swimming, Kayaking, Bush Craft and Bush Survival, Camping, Orienteering, Navigation, Ropes Courses, Compass Courses, Abseiling, Firearms, Climbing Wall, Initiative Exercises, Solo Experience, Problem-Solving, Trust Exercises, Sea Kayaking, Sailing, Snorkelling, Rock-Climbing, Confidence Course Activities, Canoeing, Tubing, Caving, Snow Skills and River Walking, to name but a few.

N.B. All of these activities are weather dependent and some are also seasonally dependent, so there may be a great degree of variation in activities undertaken by various classes.

  • Process

    An instructor will work with a group of students, taking them through a series of adventurous and challenging outdoor activities that will include a strong ‘journey’ element. Underlying this journey will be some course-specific learning objectives, which will revolve around giving students a better understanding of themselves, other people and the wider natural environment.

    The Adventure Challenge can also be used to count towards the Duke of Edinburgh.

  • Adventure

    Instructors will aim to challenge all students to go further than they believe possible; beyond perceived physical, mental and emotional limits. This will enhance their belief in their own capabilities, developing capacities of mind, body and spirit to better understand responsibilities to oneself, others and the community. 

    We will be aiming for a sense of satisfaction through achievement. Overall, the experience of the course should be outside the students’ normal experiences, and be enjoyable, as this supports learning retention.

  • Environment

    Part of the Adventure Challenge is to introduce students to the natural environment to encourage them to reflect on their place in the wider world.

  • Learning

    The course will be set in context for King’s students with specific learning objectives, linking these with adventure and the environment through a learning model. Outdoor Education lends itself to the Plan-Do-Review model of learning. Therefore, Instructors will give time for students to reflect through guided questions, constructive feedback and facilitation.

For purchasing of adventure gear, the link listed below titled 'NZ Sailing Trust catalogue' allows you to order direct from NZ Sailing Trust. 

Please use the contact details in the catalogue as King’s College is not involved in the purchase. Purchases help to fund the good work the NZ Sailing Trust does in providing sailing adventures for NZ teenagers.