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Adventure and environment are key dimensions of the King’s educational philosophy, with special programmes to help students challenge themselves and engage with the world around them. 

Our students have the opportunity to develop an appreciation of the outdoors and the natural environment, develop greater outdoor skills, grow their self-awareness and gain confidence.

Our Outdoor Education opportunities give students:
  • a positive attitude to challenge and adventure
  • enjoyment and appreciation of outdoor activities and the benefits of physical fitness
  • awareness of the natural environment and an understanding of the importance of conservation and sustainable development
  • growth in confidence and self-esteem by pushing past self-imposed limitations, taking on challenges and achieving success
  • an ability to work in teams and to recognise the importance of their role and the contribution of others
  • increased initiative, self-reliance, personal responsibility, perseverance and tenacity, resilience and commitment

We are all better than we know. If only we can come to discover this, we may never again settle for anything less.

Kurt Hahn (original Founder of Outward Bound)

King’s College Outdoor Education is based on four premises; each adhering to one or more of the current strands put forward in the Curriculum guidelines. It also aligns with the Round Square Pillars with opportunities for Adventure, Service and Environment.