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King’s College values the importance of reciprocity and service to others, and we look to impart this philosophy in our students so that they recognise their part in the circle of philanthropic giving. 

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A circle of giving

Support for King’s College comes in many different forms: donations and major gifts, bequests, scholarships and bursaries, prizes, in kind products and services, through to contributions to annual fundraising activities. 

We also receive hundreds of volunteer hours each year through committee membership and support.

Being an active member of our community helps us to preserve the future of generations of King’s College students.

As an Old Collegian (School, 1974–78), I have benefited from an all-round education gained at King’s College as have my sons Hamish and Johnny who attended the College between 2006 and 2013 (Peart). I continue to contribute to the College through our membership of the Foundation as well as serving as President of the Foundation.

If you would like to support King’s College, I encourage you to formalise your contribution through membership of the Foundation or by discussing with our Development team how we can identify where your contribution can be of most value.

Virtus Pollet.

Murray Reid
President of the King’s Foundation