2018 Foundation Annual Report

The Trust Fund’s annual return for 2018, though negative, compared favourably to similar balanced growth funds and the Foundation was able to distribute $770,463 to the College for targeted scholarships and bursaries, and $255,997 for other purposes. Read more about the experiences of fellowship recipients in the Foundation Annual Report below.

2018 also saw the establishment of the Warne Rowllings Memorial Scholarship. The family of Warne Rowllings (Selwyn/Major 1956-60) has donated funds towards a hardship scholarship, to enable a student to continue their schooling if for any reason their family can no longer afford the fees.

2019 has begun very positively in terms of fund performance and we look forward to this trend continuing.

Notice of Annual General Meeting 2019 Read our 2018 King’s Foundation Annual Report View the 2018 full financials