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The Friends’ encourage applications from individuals in the King’s community and staff of King’s to fund new initiatives that benefit our students.

The Friends embraces the College’s future development and provides ongoing opportunities to enhance the experience of all students during their time at King’s. The Friends fundraises for specific College projects or events that directly benefit our students.

Since its inception, the Friends has raised more than $3.9million for the College supporting key projects which include: 

  • A $5,000 grant to all Houses for improvements
  • Annual runathon prizes
  • A Technology and Design Lecture Series
  • Artist and Musician in-residences
  • New rowing equipment trailer
  • An electronic scoreboard for the hockey turf
  • A large kiln for the Technology Department
  • New musical equipment for the College bands
  • Specialist outdoor education clothing

The King’s College Friends Association Fund do not make grants towards

the following: 

  • General appeals or letters requesting donations. Full applications that follow our guidelines must be submitted
  • College classroom/capital works, College administration costs, IT costs
  • Staff remunerations
  • Top-ups or over-expenditures on projects already funded
  • Transport
  • Professional fees
  • Projects taking place or benefiting those outside King’s
  • Website development or maintenance
  • IT equipment
  • Projects that have sought funding from us unsuccessfully within the previous six months

If you are seeking funds for a pilot project, please be aware you must be able to provide strong evidence from other work that has already been delivered to support the case for funding. You must also provide clear evidence that there is a need to develop a pilot.

  • Priority recipients

    We encourage applications to fund new initiatives that benefit students of King’s College but are not currently delivered. We require measurements on pre/mid/post delivery over an agreed period of time and with this evidence, the potential for the initiative adopted into the King's College wider curriculum. 

    The Friends will prioritise funding to recipients:

    • where request will derive the most benefit to the greatest number of King’s students
    • where recipients can demonstrate that funding will assist long-term impact and/or sustainability
    • where funding for applications with a collaborative approach benefit greater numbers of King’s students
    • where request is for low-mid sized amounts rather than for large amounts of funding for a project or need that is not being funded elsewhere
  • Area of benefit

    The Friends accepts applications from individuals in the King’s community and staff of King’s College only.  Support is not given to activities or projects benefiting students outside King’s College.

    The Friends may consider partial funding requests for aspects of a project or activity delivered outside King’s. You will need to demonstrate the percentage of the programme being delivered to the benefit of the King’s College community.

  • Funding priorities

    Grant size: The Friends has no specified minimum or maximum limits on grant requests. We may scale back a request if appropriate for the amount available for distribution. 

    Reapplying to Friends: Previous recipients may reapply for grants. The Friends will strongly consider whether repeat funding is appropriate. The Friends does not multi-year fund. 

  • GST

    The Friends donations are considered unconditional gifts and therefore no GST is payable on any donation received. If your project/activity/need is GST exposed, the grant is awarded on a GST exclusive basis. 

  • Use of funds

    Grants made are for specific purposes and are outlined clearly in the Notification to your Application. The funds granted may not be applied to any other purpose other than that specified unless the express written consent of The Friends Trust is first obtained. 

  • Audit documentation

    As a condition of grants made, recipients are required to demonstrate that the funds have been applied to the nominated use as detailed in the Application. This documentation should be provided within 30 days of the expenditure being completed. Specifically, The Friends will require copies of invoices and receipts to demonstrate how the funding has been spent. 

  • Evaluation

    Alongside financial accountability, The Friends are interested in understanding the outcomes that have been achieved by its recipients, the challenges that recipients have faced and any learning that they have acquired during the course of their initiative. The purpose of this is to support The Friends in making decisions and achieving the best outcomes for the King’s community. 

  • Terms and conditions

    • Requests for funding must be completed through the relevant online application form and nomination of one suitable contact staff member to endorse the Application
    • Where relevant, quotes from three independent suppliers will be required for the Application
    • Friends will use best endeavours to reply to the Grant Application within one month of receipt
    • All questions on the application form must be completed
    • A successful application does not set a precedent for any further funding expectation


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