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  • Liz Barnett – President

    Married to Pete, we have one son Will who is in Selwyn House. We enjoy a super life in New Zealand having moved from the United Kingdom in 2005. We are all very settled and enjoy fully immersing ourselves in all aspects of our life.

    Born and raised in England, both Pete and I were fortunate to have enjoyed an education at full-time boarding schools, so we are huge advocates of an all-round education which gives you lifelong friends and all the necessary skills for a fulfilling life.

    In my professional life I have a consultancy business, offering business and marketing advice to stakeholders and shareholders across multiple markets. As President of the Friends team I plan to build on their success to date and deliver activities and events that will benefit boys today and future generations to come.

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  • Rebecca Buckley – Vice President

    I am married to Simon and we have been King's College parents since 2009, when our eldest son William started in Year 9 in Marsden House. He completed his final year as a Boarder in Averill House in 2013. We have two other sons; Jonathan, who is currently in Year 13 in Marsden House, and Tom, Year 9 Marsden. We also have family connections to King’s with my father and late uncle both being Old Collegians of the College.

    I joined The Friends at the beginning of 2013 and have taken on the role of jointly organising the annual Ladies’ Lunch and assisting in the area of communications for the Friends. I am also The Friends representative for both Averill and Marsden Houses. I believe The Friends is an important part of the College and I feel honoured to be able to help make a positive contribution in this way.

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  • Mel Yates – Vice President

    I joined The Friends as a new parent to the College in 2013. I have two sons currently boarding in St John's House - Tom, Year 13, Head of House; and Will, in Year 12. Our third son, Ollie, is currently at Kings School and is due to start at the College in 2018. 

    My husband, Al is an old boy and we both have a long family association with King's College going back four generations.

    I am a Company Director and also work in marketing. Much of our family time is spent supporting our boys' sporting endeavours. We have keen rugby, football and tennis players.

    I am in my third year as Vice President of the Friends. 

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  • Paul Chapman - Hon. Treasurer

    I am the Director of Commercial Services at King’s College. In this role, I am responsible for the overview and management of all the service support required by the College and its affiliated Trusts. This role also includes The Uniform Shop.

    I greatly enjoy being a part of The Friends' team as they work to support the development of the College. I have two children, a son and a daughter, who both attend King’s College.

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  • Yvette Hall - Hon. Secretary

    I am married to Richard Hall, who attended King’s College and was in Major House.  We have two sons at the school and they are also members of Major House. My younger brother was lucky enough to also attend King’s College both as a Day Boy and then as a Boarder. I believe the College provides a well-rounded education for the boys, with excellent facilities and opportunities.

    I am currently involved with the King’s Rowing community and provide food for the boys at regattas.  I completed a Diploma in Hospitality Management and went on to work in the wine industry. My passion is with food and I have helped out in the past with food-related projects at both King’s School and Diocesan School for Girls.

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  • Dougal Francis - Executive Committee member

    My wife Susan and I have four children, the eldest of whom is Jack (Year 12 – Major), we have two girls, Sophia and Isobella at Diocesan School for Girls, (Years 10 and 6) and Michael who is Year 10 at King’s College.

    I am originally from Australia and attended The King’s School in Parramatta, Sydney, which whilst it has no connections with King’s College, certainly espouses many similar values and long-standing traditions. I am the contact representative for Major House and look forward to making a positive impact on the school, through my involvement with The Friends.

    In my professional career I am a Mining Engineer, with several decades working within New Zealand’s mining, civil and steel manufacturing industries, in senior operational and general management roles.  I am currently working with Fulton Hogan.

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  • Anne Gaze - Executive Committee member

    David and I have Year 12 twins Grayson and Hunter in Selwyn House. Our family lived in London for a decade, returning late 2011. Our two older children also attended King's, both Major House, but elected to switch to International Baccalaureate for external examination years - Tait attends the university of Canterbury and Carter is completing his Masters at Melbourne University.

    David is heavily involved in property, construction, design and development with Gaze Commercial. I am heavily involved in education and neuroplasticity – the University of Auckland’s Centre for Brain Research.

    Both twins are in King's Rugby teams and Rowing squads. Rowing has introduced the family to early morning alarms, huge food demands and a fabulous community of parents and coaches - King's delivering a brilliant head coach has mitigated stress! David and I represented New Zealand in cycling, track and netball - so rowing is new ground! 

    Having experienced multiple schools overseas, King's College is up with the best we have experienced - we would not have our twins anywhere else in New Zealand. 

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  • David Moore – Executive Committee member

    Juliet and I moved to Auckland from London in January 2016, in time for Oscar to start in Year 9 in Major House. I am French/American and Juliet is a New Zealander.  Nathaniel is in Year 8 at King’s School and will join King’s College next year. Amelie is in Year 5 at Diocesan School for Girls.  

    My background is in finance - investment banking and corporate financial management). I am currently working on several projects including an e-commerce business and wealth management.

    Moving to New Zealand after having lived in London for 25 years has been a huge change for us, making new friendships and joining new communities. The College has been fantastic for Oscar in providing a nurturing environment, making close friends and taking part in sports, primarily football. 

    Being active on the Committee is a great way for me to contribute to the College community and participate in our children’s education. 

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  • Sara Guo – Executive Committee member

    I am married to Jason Wang with two boys, Andy and David. We moved up to Auckland from Christchurch after the February 2011 earthquake. Both our boys started King’s Prep in 2014. Andy is now year 10 at Parnell House and David is at his last year at King’s School and will be joining his brother in Parnell House next year.  

    I believe that giving our children the best education is a lifetime gift and I know King’s College has so much to offer to my boys. 

    I was the Vice President of a high tech company in Shenzhen, China for five years before I immigrated to New Zealand in 2002 when Andy was born. We started our own furniture business in Christchurch in 2008 when our boys started school. Managing three furniture stores, plus four online stores can be very challenging, but worthwhile.

    Joining the Friends is a fantastic opportunity for me to get involved with King’s, learn from other outstanding committee members, and be a proud part of the community my sons are part of. I am excited to be a part of the Friends and I am willing to help and contribute to where I can.

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  • Lily Sha – Executive Committee member

    My husband, Geoff Dunne, and I immigrated from Zimbabwe and China respectively to New Zealand 14 years ago. We met in New Zealand and are all-well settled into the Kiwi lifestyle now. We have been parents at King’s College since 2013. My son George is in Major House, and will graduate in 2017.

    As parents, we have no regrets sending George to King’s to get a very well-rounded education and prepare him well for life after school. We appreciated every opportunity that King’s has offered George and encouraged him to get out of his comfort zone and try new things.

    I joined the Friends at the beginning of 2013 and have been involved in organising the Art Sale since. It has been a very rewarding and enjoyable journey. I love what The Friends bring to King's and I am very excited to be a part of it and contributing to the College in this way.

    In my professional life, I run a Tax Agent business. In my spare time, I manage a Chinese Parents Club with the vision of being a better and more supportive parent to our children who are growing and living in New Zealand.

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  • Kate Davenport – Executive Committee member

    I am the mother of Jamie Christmas who is in Averill in Year 9. My daughters Elena and Julia Davenport were in Taylor in 2008-9 and 2011-12. My extended family have a long association with the College. Both my brothers attended the College. My brother Simon Greenwood has three children and all three children have attended the College, Liberty is currently in Year 13. Jamie’s great great grandfather was Archbishop Averill so he is in Averill House continuing a long line of Averill’s at Kings.

    I am looking forward to being further involved in College life with my last child and to assisting the committee with all its great work for the College.

    My day job is as a Queen’s Counsel (a barrister) practising in the areas of civil and commercial litigation with an emphasis on equity and trusts. I am currently the Chair of Bankside Chambers (my chambers) and President-Elect of the New Zealand Bar Association. I am married to Tim Christmas who is a physician.

    I have no spare time and therefore no hobbies except shopping, eating and sleeping!

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  • Tom Hunt - Executive Committee Member

    Mary and I have two children, Louise who attended Diocesan School and King's College (Taylor 2016-17) and who is now at Otago University and Aubrey who is a Year 11 student in Major House. I am also an Old Collegian (Major 1977-80).
    I have a background in law and education and am currently a French and Maths teacher at King's School. Being on the Friends Committee is a great way to get involved in the school, to help with fundraising efforts and to meet other members of the King's community.

We encourage you to consider becoming a member of the Friends Executive Committee. This meets once a month at the College to review annual activities, discusses allocation of funds raised to various student and school programmes and receives updates from the College. 

The Friends' Executive also enjoys the support of: 

  • Simon Lamb - Headmaster
  • John McKay - Co-opted Board Representative
  • Jeanette Paine – Director of Marketing and Development
  • Rt Revd Ross Bay - Patron

Help and assistance from parents in implementing activities is always greatly appreciated and is as simple as contacting The Friends’ and letting them know you would like to assist.