16 Mar 2022

Wednesday 16 March 2022

King’s students were lucky to hear an inspiring address from the 2021 co-Dux Thomas Gordon (Marsden), who returned to the campus to accept his award.


2021 co-Dux Thomas Gordon.

Thomas has been awarded co-Dux alongside Ashley Yang (Marion Bruce) following his outstanding efforts in the 2021 end of year examinations. As expected, Ashley also performed extremely well in her exams.

King’s students and their families will understand that the nature of 2021 necessitated an open minded and flexible approach to teaching and learning, one which makes sense to be carried through to the awarding of co-winners of the school’s top academic prize.

SW2 5157

2021 co-Dux Ashley Yang.

Ashley, an international student who has returned to China, was gracious in allowing Thomas the honour of addressing this year’s academic assembly.

Thomas began by sharing study tips with the current student cohort, explaining that “the reason that you will hear the same advice over and over again, is because it works”.

“Learn to manage your time, attend class, pay attention in those classes, set realistic and achievable goals, make plans about how you will achieve them,” he said. “Ask for help. Keep a balance with co-curriculars: make life interesting for yourself. Start studying earlier than you think you need to: I mean it.”

As Thomas said, if a student listening currently does none of those things, adding one or two in is sure to help. However, a bit of self knowledge will also go a long way.

“But the best advice I can give is to learn how you learn. The systems that work for me may not work for you. It is up to you to experiment with what works,” Thomas said.

Taking up the role of Head of House for Marsden meant that in 2021 Thomas broadened his focus from solely academics – after all, a student only has so many hours in a day. Ultimately though, as his results show, he was able to meet his academic goals.

In his Cambridge examinations Thomas gained:

95 A* in A level Chemistry

89 A in A level Further Mathematics

93 A* in A level History

90 A* in A level Physics

95 A* in A level Thinking skills. (CIE High Achievement Award)

B in AP Latin

He also gained 7 Scholarships and 1 Outstanding Scholarship in the NZQA Scholarship examinations in the following subjects:

Outstanding Scholarship





Earth and Space Science





In her Cambridge examinations Ashley gained: 

81 A in AS Level Computer Science 

93 A* in A Level Chemistry 

93 A* in A Level Physics 

94 A* in A Level Further Maths 

95 A* in A Level Chinese (2020) 

98 A* in A Level Mathematics (2020) 

Congratulations to Thomas and Ashley, each named 2021 co-Dux.

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