10 Dec 2021

Friday 10 December 2021

The 2021 Old Collegians’ Prize for Dux of the College goes to Ashley Yang (Year 13, Marion Bruce).

SW2 5475

Being named Dux comes with the honour of being one of the most intelligent and academically able students at King’s College, and by implication, one of the most outstanding scholars in New Zealand.

Ashley is the first female King's College Dux since 2007 and the first international student to take the title ever.

Following her arrival at King’s in January 2019, Ashley’s teachers formed an impression of her as being an outstanding student: motivated and focused.

They describe her as an exceptional student who has a very high level of ability and an outstanding work ethic.

A Senior Library Assistant and the only member to make the International Young Physicists’ Tournament team two years in a row, Ashley also participated in the Mathematics Olympiad and has contributed many hours to the College Community Service programme.

Congratulations, Ashley!