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We offer a wide range of subject options for our Senior School students to give them the opportunity to explore their interests, identify their strengths and to specialise in some subject areas in preparation for future studies.

Course selection

Even at this level we encourage our students to keep their subject options open. Selected subjects for each of the year levels generally include:

  • Year 11

    English and Mathematics plus four subjects.

    At this level we offer both the CIE and NCEA pathways in most subjects. Students are encouraged to identify the pathway that suits them best and may change pathways provided they meet the necessary prerequisites in their chosen subjects.

    At Year 11 students are encouraged to select their course by choice of subjects, rather than by qualification pathway. It is perfectly acceptable to have a mixed qualification pathway at this level. Students should aim to ensure they have a strong foundation in the subjects that they wish to pursue in Year 12 and 13. Students should carefully note any prerequisites required for study in future years.

  • Year 12

    English plus four subjects.

    Students at Year 12 should decide on which qualification pathway they wish to choose to attain University Entrance. It is still possible to have a limited mixed qualification pathway but there must be sound education reasons for this.

  • Year 13

    Five subjects.

    Students who have attained their University Entrance in Year 12 may enrol in four subjects. In selecting their courses students are also asked to consider their workload.

    Students may not select more than two subjects in either CIE or NCEA that are comprised predominately or wholly of internally assessed work, unless they seek an exemption from the Deputy Head – Curriculum.

Expectations and prerequisites

We want our students to achieve their highest potential. Academic courses of study at King’s College require students to meet specific academic expectations. These expectations concern completion of courses of study, completion of set internal and external assessments and meeting teacher and subject department requirements. Where students fail to meet set deadlines for assessment, work must still be completed to ensure course completion.

As students progress through the Senior School their level of academic achievement will determine the courses that are available to them. There are set prerequisites that students must meet to gain entry to some courses. We have identified these prerequisites in the CIE and NCEA course descriptions. Any exceptions will be at the discretion of the Deputy Head – Curriculum and Head of Department. When students select their subjects through the online enrolment process only the courses they are eligible for will show as options. Making informed decisions about subjects and courses is an important foundation for academic success.