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Our curriculum for Year 9 and Year 10 students aims to give them the strongest possible foundation for their future studies at the College.

Our two-year lower school curriculum combines traditional academic subjects with courses that develop a range of life skills and thinking skills. Students explore and develop their own values and grow in confidence.

At Year 9 and Year 10 we aim to expose our students to all the learning areas provided in the Senior School, acknowledging that students can only pursue some of these.

The Junior School Curriculum focuses on introducing students to a breadth of subject experience as well as providing sufficient depth of learning. Year 9 and Year 10 students all follow a compulsory course and choose one of four languages. This compulsory course ensures all students have a wide range of options open to them when they come to select their Senior School courses.

All Year 10 students also participate in the ‘Adventure Challenge’ - a month-long outdoor education programme which takes them away from home and school. The Adventure Challenge is part of our commitment to giving the best all-round education. It gives them educational and character development experiences to help advance personal responsibility, health and well-being, community, leadership development, civic engagement and stewardship for King’s College.