From humble beginnings and with the financial support of many in the College community, the King's College Foundation has grown in terms of its ability to provide for the College through the establishment and generous donations to the following funds:

Capital Endowment Funds

The Capital Endowment Funds comprise gifts to the Foundation for any ongoing purpose specified by founding donors.

Scholarships and Bursaries

  • General Scholarships and Bursaries

    Donations to this fund have been made to provide for the following:

    • Eight academic scholarships based on the College’s Scholarship examination (including up to four new Year 9 students)
    • Music scholarships and bursaries for eight students (two for the first time) demonstrating proficiency (Grade 4 or better) in one or more instruments. These students are expected to take an active and willing part in performance music at the College
    • Eight boarding bursaries awarded for boys with strong all-round ability (including up to two new Year 9 students)
    • Four sports bursaries for students with exceptional all-round ability and who otherwise would be unable to attend the College
    • General bursaries awarded to students based on merit and the need of the applicant for financial assistance.
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  • KCOCA Scholarships and Bursaries

    The King’s College Old Collegians’ Association (‘KCOCA’) has made, and continues to make, significant donations into this fund to provide for bursaries and scholarships to King’s College students. The bursaries are based on merit and the need of the applicant for financial assistance.  

  • Bradley Fenner Scholarship

    The Bradley Fenner Scholarship was established in honour of one of our past Headmasters (2009–14) with the broad purpose of supporting students who would not otherwise be able to attend King’s College as boarders. Preference is given to a student who demonstrates leadership potential and is from outside Auckland.

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  • Endeavour Scholarships

    The Endeavour Scholarship programme was established in 2001 by King’s College, in conjunction with St Cuthbert’s College and King’s School. The focus of the Endeavour programme is on providing Māori and Pacific Island students with educational opportunities at the three participating schools. Twenty students (four per year) are assisted to attend King’s College through the programme. The financial assistance provided for the students is funded as to 50 per cent from private benefactors and 50 per cent by the College. The Endeavour Scholarship Fund was initiated to provide the College with income to assist it to meet its 50 per cent obligation under the Endeavour Scholarship Scheme programme. It is the intention of the Foundation to grow this fund significantly over the next few years.    

  • Ian Kirkpatrick Rugby Scholarship

    The Ian Kirkpatrick Rugby Scholarship assists an all-rounder with exceptional rugby skills to attend King’s College. Recipients of the scholarship may not otherwise be able to attend King’s without the financial assistance of this scholarship.

    Ian (Selwyn, 1960–64) who was one of four sons, came to King’s from a Gisborne farming family background. Playing for the First XV for three years from 1962. He captained the First XV in 1964 and also the 1964 Auckland Secondary School’s rep team. As a College athlete, he was also a sprint, hurdles and pole vault champion.

    On leaving King’s, Ian went on to play rugby for both Canterbury and Poverty Bay, becoming an All Black in 1967 and was Captain from 1972 to 1974 playing a total of 39 test matches. In the 1980 Queen’s Birthday Honours he was appointed a Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) for services to rugby and in 2003 was inducted into the International Rugby Hall of Fame

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  • James Webster Memorial Scholarship

    This scholarship has been set up by King’s College in conjunction with the Webster family in memory of the late James Webster who was a student of the College. The scholarship enables a boy entering the College from outside Auckland as a Year 9 boarder in St John’s House who would otherwise not be able to attend King’s College. Preference will be given to a student who could contribute to the Chapel Choir and/or community service programmes. 

  • Lilian Alexander Stride Fund

    Lilian Alexander Stride bequeathed some £492,000 (NZD 908,000) to King’s College on her death in 2008. Dr Stride specified that the income from the fund be used for bursaries and scholarships for King’s School boys entering the College who demonstrate a need for financial support.  

  • Mark and Angela Clatworthy Scholarship

    Since 2014 Old Collegian and Orthopaedic Knee Surgeon Mr Mark Clatworthy (Averill, 1978-82) and his wife Angela have chosen to provide yearly boarding scholarship solutions for promising students as their focus. Up to five scholarships can be awarded to students of Māori or Pacific descent who have a strong academic and/or sporting ability or who because of financial disadvantage might otherwise have been unable to receive an education at the College. The Clatworthys encourage those in the King’s community to consider supporting a scholarship so as to provide a young person with an education and networks that will hopefully allow them to reach their full potential as an individual and in their prospective careers.

  • Peter Barton Cricket Scholarship

    The Peter Barton Cricket Scholarship Fund was founded in 2014. The scholarship has been set up to help an all-rounder with exceptional cricket skills to attend King’s College. Recipients of the scholarship may not otherwise be able to attend King’s College without the financial assistance of this scholarship.

    The Peter Barton Cricket Scholarship has been started through the generosity of some of our most dedicated cricket supporters. To guarantee that the fund can provide a meaningful scholarship for King’s College cricket in the future, we need further contributions. Every donation can make an impact.

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  • Peter W Wilson Boarding Scholarship

    The Peter Wilson Boarding Scholarship was established by Peter and his partner Gerda and was awarded for the first time in 2014. This scholarship is awarded to a good, all-round student who would benefit from an education at King’s College and will contribute to the life of the College. This scholarship each year enables a Year 9 boy to have a full five year boarding scholarship, in perpetuity. Preference is given to a Year 9 Boarder in School House, and who would not be able to attend King’s College without the support of the scholarship. 

  • Phil Ryall Bursary

    This bursary is awarded to an applicant from rural New Zealand, preferably from a part of the country which does not have easy access to secondary schooling.  

  • Roger Bartley Memorial Scholarship

    This scholarship has been established by King’s College, in conjunction with the family of the late Dr Roger Bartley and the Rotary Club of Otahuhu. It commemorates Dr Bartley’s selfless service to the community and his strong association with both the College — as a student, school doctor, parent and grandparent; and with the Rotary Club of Otahuhu — as a member and President. The scholarship is awarded to a promising all-round student who would benefit from an education at King’s College. Preference will be given for a student who is a resident of South Auckland and who would not be able to attend the College without the support of the scholarship.

  • Stephen and Virginia Fisher Scholarship

    This scholarship has been established by Old Collegian Stephen Fisher (School, 1961-65) and his wife Virginia. The scholarship enables a promising all-rounder from a rural background to both benefit from an education at King’s, as well as contributing to the life of the College. Preference will be given for a student who, because of financial disadvantage, might otherwise have been unable to receive a King’s education.

  • Warne Rowllings Memorial Scholarship

     Warne Rowllings Memorial Scholarship

    The Warne Rowllings Memorial Scholarship was established in memory of Warne Rowllings (Selwyn/ Major, 1956–60) by his family. This scholarship enables a student to continue their education at King’s if for some reason their family can no longer afford fees due to genuine, unexpected financial hardship. Through this scholarship we can help those families, providing continuity of education at the College for their children.

    Warne participated enthusiastically in all aspects of King’s. During his time at the College financial pressure meant he faced the prospect of leaving the College. However, Warne was able to continue his education through the financial generosity of the school at the time.

    This scholarship is fully funded to offer one scholarship, but the College would gratefully welcome additional support to grow this fund to support further students who may require assistance.

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  • William Thode Memorial Scholarship

    This scholarship was set up in memory of William Thode, a King’s College Year 9 student who died in 2010. It was awarded for the first time in 2013. It is intended that the fund will continue to grow through donations and that the income earned from the investment will provide a bursary to a student entering the College at Year 9 who is a good all-rounder and who would not otherwise be able to attend King’s College.

  • Richard and Yvette Hall Scholarship

    This scholarship is not available in 2024.

    The Hall Family Scholarship was established by Old Collegian Richard Hall (Major, 1977-81), to support female student(s) of Māori decent; with preference given to members of Ngāti Kahungunu to study at King's College, Auckland. 

    Richard is proud of his Ngāti Kahungunu ancestry. The family are direct descendnts of the Paramount Chief Takamoana Karaitiana of Hawkes Bay. Takamoana Karaitiana was born in the 1820s and involved in the New Zealand Māori Wars; he also became an influential chief. in 1871 he stood in the House of Representatives for the Eastern Māori seat.

    Richard and Yvette wish to provide better opportunity for a female student of Māori family background to join the College from Year 11 and enjoy the same rewards as the Hall families have had over serval generations. 

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General Funds 

  • Academic Excellence Fund

     Academic Development Programme

    The Academic Excellence fund gives staff access to the world’s most innovative educational practitioners each year, through invitational lectures and on-site demonstrations. Leading-edge, proven educational concepts are continuously rolled out across subjects, throughout the year for the benefit of every student.

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  • Cultural Excellence Fund

     Cultural Excellence

    Whether it’s Glee Club, drama, Kapa Haka, rock and jazz, choir or orchestra, culture at King’s helps students develop leadership, discipline, resilience and social skills. Donations to Cultural Excellence will develop drama and music students, by contributing to specialist tutoring, facilities and equipment.

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  • Helping Hand Fund

     Helping Hand Fund

    This fund is to assist those students who do not have the financial means to participate in the College’s academic, cultural or sporting trips without special assistance. As one family commented, “It was not easy to ask for financial help, but when we needed it, it was given in a way that has not left us feeling beholden or humiliated, just grateful – thank you”.

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  • Positive Education Fund

    Positive Education is an approach to education that draws on positive psychology’s emphasis of individual strengths and personal motivation to promote learning. King’s College integrates Positive Education across its curriculum and pastoral care programme, leading to better academic achievement, reduced anxiety and more engaged and meaningful lives for students.

    The Positive Education fund assists in extending the knowledge and application of Positive Education at King’s. For example, this fund supports visits to the school, and workshops with the staff, by experts in the area of Positive Education.

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  • Preserved Capital Fund

    The Preserved Capital Fund is the main destination of donations and it is critical in ensuring that the Foundation can best respond to the needs of the College.

    You can choose to support a cause that's close to your heart. Even a small gift, when combined with the gifts of others, can make a big impact.

  • Sporting Excellence Fund

     Sporting Excellence Fund

    The Sporting Excellence fund provides an extensive range of resources to help students in their physical pursuits. It allows the College to better develop students in all kinds of sports and athletics to help them reach their full potential. Part of the journey at King’s is to explore and develop interests outside of the classroom, which enrich students’ experiences throughout life.

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  • King's College Cricket Club

     Sporting Excellence Fund

    The King's College Cricket Club, which has been established to help support the Cricket Programme at King’s College. Families who enjoy cricket at King’s have the opportunity to ensure that each generation of cricketers will continue the tradition of success by helping to grow the resources available to our teams. The Club looks to provide a manageable way for our community to purchase or upgrade cricket equipment, facilities and coaching to benefit all levels of cricket.

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  • Rolf Porter Rowing Fund

    The Rolf Porter Rowing Fund was established and partially funded by Old Collegians Alistair Dryden (School, 1956- 60), Craig Ashby (Averill, 1959-63) and Peter Masfen (Marsden & Major, 1955–59) in acknowledgement of Rolf Porter’s (Town, 1923-26) contribution to rowing at the College. Alistair Dryden and Peter Masfen both went on to represent NZ including rowing at the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. Rolf himself was a Red Coat (a NZ Rowing Champion) rowing in the coxed four in 1933.

    Rolf introduced rowing as a sport to King’s in the early 1950’s and was directly involved in rowing at the College for the best part of two decades until the early 1970’s. He also coached and funded NZ Rowing, taking the NZ team to the World Championships at Lake Bled (Slovenia) in 1966. He was a strong proponent of physical fitness and set high standards for himself and his crews.

    The primary purpose of the fund in his honour is to provide ‘on the water’ rowing equipment. Funds can also be made available to subsidise events being held for the explicit purpose of raising funds for rowing at the College.

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  • Rugby Youth Opportunity Fund

    This new initiative started in 2020 with the purpose of providing opportunities for Year 9 and 10 incoming students to receive assistance by contributing to their tuition fees over the duration of their time at the College. Recipients need to excel and be ambitious in rugby and commit fully to King’s rugby, while also striving for excellence within everyday schooling and engaging in the King’s culture and values. This is a special purpose fund that we aspire to build immediate funds to be used for the recruitment of Year 9 and 10 students.

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Specific Endowment Funds

  • John Renshaw Memorial Prize

    The John Renshaw Memorial Prize Fund was set up in 2012 by King’s College in conjunction with friends and colleagues of the late John Renshaw to endow the prestigious John Renshaw Memorial Prize in perpetuity. The prize is awarded to a Day boy in Year 11 who shows good all-round ability, leadership potential and a sense of service and loyalty.

  • Margaret Myers Fellowship

    Each year two King’s College teachers are able to travel overseas on a Fellowship made possible through the generous donation by the late Sir Douglas Myers (School, 1952-56) in the memory of his mother, who had a deep interest in education. The Margaret Myers Fellowship fund also enables educationalists to present seminars, lectures and workshops.

If you’d like to know more about any of these Foundation funds or would like to support a cause that you care about that isn’t listed, please contact us and we’d be happy to help.