13 Mar 2020

Friday 13 March 2020

King's students made their presence known at this year's Auckland Secondary Schools Triathlon Championships. 

IMG 1650

The King’s Boys team of:

Connor Lock (Year 11, Marsden) swimming

Winston Yan (Year 11, St John's) cycling 

Toby Tasker (Year 11, Peart) running

won the Intermediate Boys’ division.

The King’s Girls team of:

Holly Hunn (Year 12, Taylor) swimming 

Anastasia Makogon (Year 12, Marion Bruce) cycling 

Siobhan Balle (Year 12, Marion Bruce) running

came 4th in the Senior Girls’ division.

Thanks to Perry for managing the team on the day, and to the coaches of cycling, running and swimming.

Ro Bairstow
Teacher in Charge, Multisport