11 Feb 2020

Tuesday 11 February 2020

Over the summer holidays, William Chen (Year 11, Selwyn), Nathaniel Masfen-Yan (Year 13, Greenbank) and Hanbo Xie (Year 13, Peart) participated in the NZ Mathematical Olympiad Camp after having been selected as three of the nation’s 26 top secondary school mathematicians.

Maths Olympiad Landscape

The week-long camp consisted of a variety of lectures, problem sets and exams which sought to develop and test the participants.

The students hoped to be selected for a Training Squad of 12, from which the New Zealand International Mathematical Olympiad team of six will be chosen.

Olympiad mathematics requires eloquent proof writing as well as just the answer to a problem, it inspires higher level of thinking skills for more complex maths problems.

After some fierce competitions, Nathaniel was successfully chosen to be a member of the Training Squad and will now prepare for three further national and international Olympiads in hopes of travelling to the 61st IMO in St. Petersburg.

In recent history, King’s College has boasted a strong record of success in Mathematical Olympiad, largely due to our Math Olympiad Club.

If you are a keen mathematician and want to extend yourself, the Math Olympiad Club is run in AR13 every Wednesday lunch. The club caters for a range of skill levels and helps students learn competition and olympiad mathematics. If you are interested please email either Mrs Meng or Nathaniel Masfen-Yan or attend one of our weekly sessions.