14 Apr 2022

Thursday 14 April 2022

The Phillips Society welcomed Rod Snodgrass to speak to students on designing a future-proofed business career in the 21st Century.

170422 Rod

Rod is a Professional Director and strategic advisor on business innovation, growth, transformation and change with over 20 years’ executive experience in New Zealand telecommunications, media, digital and energy sectors. Rod reminded us of the significant change occurring in the business world and that “any company designed for the 20th century, is doomed for failure in the 21st”. Exponential technology advancement is accelerating this with innovations like robotics, blockchain, artificial intelligence, digital biology, nanotechnology, and quantum computing. But it is not all about technology – it is about how quickly old business models are becoming obsolete. 

Winning business models are evolving every 5 years – the latest is the purpose oriented ecosystem. “Market leadership is no longer the goal – contribution towards purpose is.” Rod explained the attributes, in addition to a massive transformative purpose, that successful exponential organizations need. How does all this relate to thinking about our careers? Rod shared his thoughts on the top 10 skills needed to navigate the future. That means, for us, needing to educate ourselves on disruptive trends and technologies, ensuring we target businesses on the right side of disruption, understanding the skills needed in the future and recognising the importance of diversity, mindsets, and purpose. So - the advice he left us with – have a purpose, ask why am I here, what problem am I solving, work with people who give energy, keep learning, challenge everything, be curious, take risks and give back – what goes around comes around. Thanks Rod – we certainly were energized by your insights and advice. Written by Victoria Jagusch (Year 12, Marion Bruce) on behalf of the Phillips Society.

Written by Victoria Jagusch (Year 12, Marion Bruce) on behalf of the Phillips Society