11 Jun 2019

Tuesday 11 June 2019

The Phillips Society presented old collegian Ben Corban (Peart, 1986-90) who spoke to an audience of 50 students and teachers on Thursday 6th of June.

IMG 0129

Ben Corban with his children, current students Ruby (Year 11, Middlemore), Noah (Year 9, Greenbank) and Bruno (Year 13, Greenbank).

The Phillips Society is a student-led senior commerce group that promotes business excellence at school by organising influential Kiwi businesspeople to present to students about their journey.

IMG 0123

Mr Corban addresses King's students.

Mr Corban discussed a variety of subjects from his time at art school in London to being the co-founder of the Alt Group, a multi award-winning design firm in Auckland.

Mr Corban explained the power of an excellent marketing campaign and how it can transform a company. For example, he discussed how his Alt Group managed to help Italian furniture maker Natuzzi launch a successful product line in America. The success of this campaign meant that the share price of Natuzzi doubled in the time after the launch.

Furthermore, Mr Corban’s Alt Group reinvented Auckland Art Gallery with over three thousand snappy captions centred around the word "art". This campaign currently features on the galleries, staff uniforms, marketing material and memorabilia.

Mr Corban described some of the challenges that he had experienced near the beginning of his career. He had to give up his dream of becoming an artist because had run out of money.

Instead, he decided to become a graphic designer and started up own business from scratch in Auckland.

The Phillips Society would like to thank Mr Corban for coming into King’s and presenting such a successful and engaging talk.

Max Palmer (Year 12, Marsden)