03 Jul 2019

Wednesday 03 July 2019

For many years the Squash players at King’s have quietly gone about their business with a fair degree of success. 


This year for the first time in a very long time, King’s has had a team competing in the Premier Division of the Senior Boy’ competition. 

Whilst the team have found the going fairly tough at this top level, it is a credit to the players in the team (Ben O’Regan Year 13 School, Lowri Waugh Year 13 Taylor, Will Barnett Year 12 Selwyn, Dale Potter Year 12 Selwyn) that they have scrapped so hard to earn entry in to the top grade.

The Junior A team have put in some good performances over the season. They played their semi-final against Western Springs and lost 1-3 in a very tight match. In the 3rd/4th play off against Selwyn College the team played well and drew the match 2 games to 2.