24 Feb 2020

Monday 24 February 2020

In the Year 12 Spanish course this year we study a range of topics of global issues and affairs to widen our knowledge, vocabulary and breadth of conversational fields.

Spanish Class

A critical aspect of learning a language is using it in conversation with native speakers; not only are we lucky enough to have a native Spanish speaker as our teacher, but Mrs Lamberto’s father came to visit our class at school to discuss our first topic in the syllabus, the generational gap, and his views on the evolution of teenagers environment and upbringing.

This sparked conversation within the class while also providing insight into a authentic Spanish upbringing, and the highlighting the differences both in New Zealand teenage life and current day outlook regarding this topic.

Getting an opportunity to talk to someone so immersed in Spanish culture for many years, meant when asking him about his life in Spain, considering he only knows a little English, we had to communicate clearly in Spanish, which benefitted us all as we were forced to put all our class time learning into practice, as would happen in a Spanish speaking country.

Learning from Mr Lamberto was a valuable experience for the class, and deepened our understanding of the generational gap by seeing it from a completely different perspective altogether. 

Sophie Mead (Year 12, Taylor)