23 Jun 2021

Wednesday 23 June 2021

Last month Spanish students from King’s (Years 11 to 13) hopped aboard a bus destined for Rotorua Keswick camp with the aim of improving their Spanish as well as experiencing the rich culture of Spain.

Spanish Camp 2021

Upon arrival the Spanish festivities were already in full swing and despite the long drive we were all eager to begin the weekend. Once the admin stuff was out of the way we were all introduced into our groups that we would be working with for the weekend and to start off the bonding exercises a fierce game of Kahoot was undertaken. The competitive atmosphere was electric and it was only the first day. After a close battle Aitor emerged victorious. Afterwards we all headed to our cabins (or sheds for some) to get some valuable rest for the full day of activities organised for Saturday.

The Spanish immersion camp was a really fun and different experience. We had a lot of activities prepared for us by the teachers, such as scavenger hunt, karaoke competition, a tree walk, an afternoon to spend at Polynesian spa and many more.

Zenab Elewa (Year 12, Middlemore)

An early start to the morning left everyone questioning whether or not walking through the trees would be worth it, however, once we were up there, the general consensus was definitely yes! The stunning views of the wildlife beneath your feet and the tree tops towering over your head was one to behold. However, you could only fixate on the greenery for so long as there was another competition to win. As we walked up high we had a worksheet to complete for the grand prize of a chocolate bar (a hot commodity within the camp). 

As we were assigned different groups with different people from all the different schools involved in the Spanish immersion camp, we have managed to create friendships and get to know one and other. As well as meeting new people, we were also able to socialise and build new friendships with people from our own school.

Max Woodhams (Year 12, Averill)

After a group photo everyone loaded back into the buses and we headed back towards the campsite. Waiting for us when we returned were some activities including an escape room, trivial pursuit, piñata making as well as a variety of other fun activities (of course all Spanish themed). The highlight was the dance routine which each school had an hour to prepare and after they would perform on stage to all the other schools. The King's Year 12s and 13s danced to a classic “Billy La Bufunda” whilst the Year 11s danced to “Queremos Pan ”. Some impressive performances from Rotorua College and Hamilton College and some slightly more comedic performances led to an evening of laughs and joy. Once all the activities were completed we headed into the dining hall for some delicious authentic Spanish cuisine and a game of yingo before we went to the Polynesian spas. The day as a whole was full of adventure and fun whilst also picking up a thing or two about Spanish culture and hopefully improving our skills. A movie night watching an old Spanish movie concluded the night.

The campus was very presentable, with rooms that were spacious and clean. We had typical Spanish meals that were prepared for us at lunch and dinner.

Walter Coope (Year 12, Peart)

The next day we packed our bags, cleaned our rooms and had some breakfast before boarding the buses and saying one last goodbye to all the friends that were made. The trip as a whole will stay embedded in our memories as an amazing experience. Many friendships were formed and through talking, reading and writing Spanish in a variety of fun and interactive activities our skills have improved tremendously. 

It was an amazing experience in a different environment and sometimes even out of our comfort zone, as we were encouraged to only speak Spanish. We all recommend to get involved and participate in the Spanish camp in the years to come.

Maddie Brown (Year 12 Marion Bruce House)

By Max Elsmore (Year 12, Peart)