13 Aug 2020

Thursday 13 August 2020

Our 2020 Small House winners recently paid a visit to Neil Finn's Roundhead Studios to record their winning performances.

Small House Recordings


The talented ensembles from School, Greenbank and Marsden house received this fantastic opportunity as part of their prize for placing in the top 3 of our annual Small House Music competition.

Normally, they would instead be given the chance to perform at Spark Arena during Big House Music, but the cancellation of the event this year has led Head of Culture, Mrs Emma Featherstone, to organise an alternative.

Roundhead studios are known for having recorded music for artists such as Kanye West, Dua Lipa and Ed Sheeran. Mrs Featherstone commented that "missing out on playing the big stage at Spark was a blow, but the experience of being in such a wonderful studio helped."

To listen to the studio recordings, follow the links below:

School House: Best Friend - Rex Orange County (1st Place)
Marsden House: Let's Groove/Jupiter - Earth, Wind & Fire (2nd Place)
Greenbank House: Club Tropicana - Wham! (3rd Place)

Special thanks go to the team at Roundhead Studios and Mrs Featherstone for making this experience possible, and to Jaguar New Zealand for their support of Performing Arts at King's College.