13 May 2024

Monday 13 May 2024

Read below the results for Small House Music 2024.

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Small House Music 2024 Results

On Friday afternoon, we once again hosted our much-anticipated annual Small House Music competition. This cherished tradition, dating back to 1939, continues to be a pinnacle of House spirit and unity, as each House carefully selects a group of 10-15 talented students to showcase their musical talents to the entire school. This year's event proved to be no exception to the excitement it usually brings. Describing the results, Emma Featherstone, Head of Music, remarked that they were the tightest in the competition's history.

The results are as follows:

1st - Averill - 233 points.

Performing: Ain't Nobody by Chaka Khan

Captain: Oscar Zonnevald 

Comments from judges:

Beautiful start on keys, finally appropriate use of a violin, what a show | Stunning. Love everything. Clever arrangement and execution. | Outstanding musical concept that developed into a powerful performance. All soloists were excellent and the togetherness of the band and singers gave this piece a polish and edge.


2nd - Major - 230 points.

Performing: Maniac by Michael Sembello

Captain: Leo Bamfield

Comments from judges:

Strong start, great solution for that broken foot, you made this song your own. | Outstanding effort. High energy, brilliant choreography, intelligent arrangement. High energy, great performance. Loved it. |Great three-part vocal harmonies. Bass and drummer tight. Keyboard’s epic solo outstanding. Great variation in brass writing. Key change well executed. Singing was well tuned and pitched.


3rd = Taylor and Marsden - 209 points.


Performing: No More Tears (Enough is Enough) by Donna Summer and Barbara Streisand

Captain: Geneva Ryan, Ella Reid and Lily Double 

Comments from judges: 

Great vocals, what a performance | Great song choice and commitment to the performance. High energy. Great choreography. Love the variety in your arrangement. Drumming is awesome! | Excellent style concept and choreo. Strong harmonies mostly well executed.


Performing: Copacabana by Barry Minilow

Captain: Harry Parker

Comments from judges: 

Well that’s a horn section, great accompaniment | Great horn section. Love the song. Fun. Solid and confident choreography | Great musical accompaniment! The piece showed some great development and conceptually was very strong.


5th - Peart - 207 points.

Performing: New York State of Mind/Hang in Long Enough by Billy Joel and Phil Collins

Captain: Logan Ding and Oliver Scott

Comments from judges: 

What a start, love the energy | Brilliant stuff. Love. Can’t stop smiling | Strong singing. Ideas developed nicely.


6th - Parnell - 194 points.

Performing: Get Down On It by Kool & The Gang 

Captain: Sam Sun and Imraan Mitha

Comments from judges: 

Loved the energy on stage, what a moves | Love the vocal ensemble. So much fun and genius choreography. Entertaining. Wicked sax and bass solos | Great performance. Nice sax solo and steady band. Excellent choreo.


7th - Greenbank - 191 points.

Performing: Blame It On The Boogie by The Jacksons

Captain: Patrick Scott

Comments from judges: 

What a horn section! Brave choice | Great opening. Clever choreography but remember to relax with it. Love the song choice. Fun! | Brass writing strong and some development of ideas there. Singers outstanding as soloist and harmonies mostly hitting the mark.


8th - Marion Bruce - 182 points.

Performing: Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing by Tori Kelly 

Captain: Asher Ballantyne 

Comments from judges: 

Love the song choice, it fits you group a lot! | Tight vocal ensemble…well done on the runs Talia! Impressive! Love the song, the energy and the key change at the end. | Strong vocalists, clear words and great vocal harmonies. Key change well executed and gave the piece once development. Good energy in the band supporting vocals.


9th - Middlemore - 176 points

Performing: Domino X Last Friday Night by Jessie J and Katy Perry 

Captain: Kara Lorch-Church and Emily Ramazani Awal

Comments from judges: 

Great energy on stage, you definitely had the crowd on your hand | Love the song choice and audience participation. Great energy and vocal performance | You started to really build up energy from about a third of the way through and from then your performance started to really shine and pick up some great momentum.


10th - Selwyn - 173 points.

Performing: While My Guitar Gently Weeps by The Jeff Healey Band

Captain: Ben Jones and Charlie Law

Comments from judges: 

Some great guitar playing | Cool to have a slower rock ballad. Nice arrangement and well executed vocals. Awesome lg solo | Excellent harmonies and great soloists. The development of the song made it interesting and kept the energy up.


11th - St John's - 172 points.

Performing: Mr Jones by Counting Crows

Captain: Ronald Wang

Comments from judges: 

Loved how you kept your cool when your cord fell out the speaker | Great song choice. Both vocalists are stunning. | Great solos and great use of the stage. Singers were strong and had great tone.


12th - School - 142 points. 

Performing: Finesse by Bruno Mars

Captain: William Hall and Nic Withers

Comments from judges: 

So many costumes, Good choice of rapping at the end | Love how you incorporated some humour with the masks and tutus! | Rap was energetic and clear followed by strong vocals. Try aim for more finesse when singing to lift it to the next level. Band strong throughout.