27 Oct 2021

Wednesday 27 October 2021

As a finalist in this year’s Play It Strange Peace Song competition, Year 13 student Rebekah Massey (Marion Bruce) who releases music under the moniker BEX had the opportunity to professionally record her song Coffee

Rebekah Singing

It’s since been uploaded to Spotify, where it has recently clocked 10,000 streams! We caught up with the acclaimed singer-songwriter to hear more about her musical journey so far.

How does it feel to have reached 10,000 streams on Coffee?

It feels absolutely surreal. I never could’ve imagined a song that I wrote to have hit such a milestone, especially only a couple months after its release. I’m just really glad that people like it so much and have chosen to stream it as much as they have.

Rebekah Coffee

What inspired you to write this song?

For this song my inspiration started with a syncopated F major arpeggio. With that little idea I came up with chords and then started writing the lyrics. I tried to write the lyrics to match the calmness and happiness of the melody and chords. They’re are all about the feeling of enjoying someone’s company and presence. 

Have you done any promotion of the song?

I haven’t actually promoted the song very much, my friends have just shouted me out a couple times on social media. I think mainly my friends and family have been streaming the song a lot.

What’s next for you in terms of songwriting and recording?

Currently I’m writing an EP with one of my mates which we hope to get done early to mid-December. We’re hoping to do some proper promotion on this and hopefully gain a small audience. I’m also trying to get into the pop-music course for Auckland Uni to help strengthen my songwriting.

Who were the other students involved in recording?

Patrick Scott (Year 10, Greenbank) recorded the drums, James Dawes (Year 13, Selwyn) and Lars Featherstone (Year 13, Marsden) recorded the saxophone, Tim Fowlie (Year 12, Averill) recorded the bass guitar, Adam Wong (Year 12, Marsden) recorded the guitar, Victoria Shen (Year 13, Marion Bruce) recorded the cello, Sophia Larsen (Year 13, Marion Bruce) recorded some vocal harmonies, and I recorded the piano and the main vocals.

Listen to Coffee on Spotify