07 Jul 2021

Wednesday 07 July 2021

Last week, Mila Eric-Lawrence (Middlemore) and Ben Dunlop (Greenbank) participated in the AUT’s Faculty of Business, Economics and Law “Shadow a Leader”. This experience gives students invaluable insights into how business leaders work in the professional world.

Mila and Ben were required to complete a CV which enabled AUT to match them with the most appropriate industry they were interested in their future career. Prior to the meeting, both students researched and made contact with their selected business leader. 

Mila had the opportunity to join KPMG for the day. As one of the big four accounting firms, she reports that she was not only extremely excited but most definitely nervous when arriving at KPMG on Monday, 28 June. After a very warm welcome she experienced daily life within a busy office. This began with a tour of each section and area of the firm, which then led into one-on-one talks with consultants and leaders from different departments. She was able to ask plenty of questions, as well as join in on a few important meetings which helped her to gain a better overall view of what the role of an accountant entails.

“What I found to be most interesting was the importance of building strong relationships with your clients, as well as with the people you work alongside. In addition, it helped me to better understand the daily corporate life and what to expect for a potential 9 to 5 career. Overall, I am very grateful for this experience. I was able to not only make connections, but learn more than what is simply taught in the classroom which will be of benefit as I start making decisions for my near future.”

Ben visited The Icehouse and shadowed Gavin Lennox, who oversees the leadership of both Growth and Venture Capital business. The Icehouse is a management consulting firm who provide growth training to Kiwi small to medium sized firms, and also has an investing side where start-ups can gain funding through the ‘Ice Angels’ program. 

Ben’s day was very similar to Mila; “During the day I was given the opportunity to be given some insight into the daily business operations including attending meetings. I was able to have one on one discussions with different people across the business and this proved to be a very eye-opening experience into the business world.”

Sharon Lofroth
HOD Accounting and Business Studies