13 Aug 2019

Tuesday 13 August 2019

On Friday the 9th of August, we held the first ever King's vs Ōtāhuhu College Prefect Netball Game.

Kings Vs Otahuhu Netball 2

Seeing as we are next door neighbours, the prefects thought this would be a great chance to continue King's relationship with the students of Ōtāhuhu College, further than just our interaction at the Year 12 King's Ōtāhuhu Exchange. 

Kings Vs Otahuhu Netball 1

Due to the pouring rain, we had to adapt slightly and play on the undercover courts using the basketball hoops. Although this wasn’t exactly "traditional" netball, it made for a very amusing game to watch, with a few 3 point shot attempts. 

It was a fierce and very fast paced game, with strong competition from both sides. King’s had the lead in the start, with a score of 4-1 at the end of the first half. Ōtāhuhu nearly caught up in the second half, but Charles Cave (Year 13, Selwyn) and Sam Brewer’s (Year 13, Major) shooting skills kept us in the lead. In the end, King’s won with a score of  8-5.

The prefects put on a great game, and we hope this has begun a tradition that can continue for years to come. 

Head Girl Evie Clatworthy (Year 13, Taylor)