30 Mar 2020

Monday 30 March 2020

Prior to lockdown, Archives Special Project Manager Sandra Ward put on display in the Golf Clubhouse a King's uniform from 1980, the year girls were admitted to King's. 

Polka Dot Girls

The first girls summer uniform was a white dress with gold polka dots teamed with an off-white cardigan and beige sandals.

It was from the uniform that the name 'polka-dot girls' originated, used in this New Zealand Herald article from 17 April 1980. 

The uniform was designed by Ann Campbell, the headmaster’s wife, and Alison Bird, the wife of one of the staff.   

According to the Herald article, the only hint that the "smart white dresses" are a school uniform is the gold of the polka-dots. 

However, the design proved unpopular with the girls as the white fabric was see-through and required a petticoat or slip to be worn underneath.

In 1984 the polka-dot dress was replaced by a grey drop-waisted dress with light pink trim.