25 Sep 2019

Wednesday 25 September 2019

Another sensational performance from King's College music students

190923Playingitstrange 39

On 250 students from selected schools in Auckland joined Emma Featherstone and our own King’s College Symphony Orchestra and Choirs to perform at a charity concert at the Vodafone Events Centre, as a fundraiser for Play it Strange — a charity that supports youth music in New Zealand.

Sir Bob Geldof and Mick Fleetwood were the guests of the night, and our groups were invited to perform Sir Bob’s I Don’t Like Mondays and Fleetwood Mac’s Dreams. Thomas Clarkson (Year 13, Major) and Claudia Linton (Year 11, Middlemore) were both invited to sing solo. 

“The standing ovation from Sir Bob for I Don’t Like Mondays then from Mick for Dreams was a highlight for the kids,” says Ms Featherstone. “Another epic night for King’s College.”

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