07 Jul 2022

Thursday 07 July 2022

Following the previous week's speaker, Nick McCaw, the Phillips Society was proud to invite Simon Moutter into the College on Wednesday, 29 June, to portray his business experiences, and in particular, the ‘Telecom-Spark Turnaround Story.’ 


Simon provided insight into his younger years, with an upbringing in Palmerston North, and being the first of his extended family to attend tertiary education. He obtained a Bachelor of Science (Physics) and a Masters of Engineering (Electrical), where he solidified his pathway, creating this “Mathematical and Logical Mind,” for his future business positions.  

He soon transitioned from the role of an Entrepreneur, into significant leadership roles, such as Chief Operating Officer at Telecom from 2002 until 2008, where he witnessed their peak in performance, with the highest valuation topping $18 Billion, and controlling the New Zealand telecommunications network. He then proceeded to Auckland International Airport, where he became the Chief Executive Officer until 2012, when he relocated back to a now ‘collapsing’ Telecom brand, with only a sixth of its previous value remaining.

Simon's role of CEO meant he controlled the ‘rebuild’ of the brand. This not only included the brand change, to ‘Spark NZ’, but numerous technological risks and developments in the construction process. 

This rebuild has been presented as extremely successful, with adjacent networks such as Skinny Mobile, also being created. ‘Spark NZ’ has since returned to the top of the national telecommunication industry, with its size and growth being attributed to Simon’s leadership and guidance.  

Simon puts his success down to the ability to take risks, and his willingness for dedication and persistence. 

Thank you Simon for your incredible insight, and we look forward to hearing of your future developments. 

Jack Priddy

Phillips Society